Illionaire Day and 11:11

South Korea celebrates a lot of special days for couples, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Rose Day, name it! Even November 11 is a special day called Pepero Day. It falls on the said date because the numerals in abbreviated form is 11/11 which represents the skinny snacks (source). However, in the KHOP world, 11:11 means a different thing.

11:11 has become the ILLIONAIRE Day. The record label has traditionally come out with material or a concert during November 11th, as the number 1 has become their representing numeral. To celebrate this year, Illionaire came out with a single “Illionaire Everyday” at exactly 11:11pm with the three artists under the label. Since DoK2 is currently in America, The Quiett celebrated through an Afreeca TV live stream (which I can’t find the link to) with the artists from Ambition Musik before the song’s release.

In the last years, these are the songs they dropped during Illionaire Day.


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