Illionaire Day and 11:11

South Korea celebrates a lot of special days for couples, Valentine’s Day, White Day, Rose Day, name it! Even November 11 is a special day called Pepero Day. It falls on the said date because the numerals in abbreviated form is 11/11 which represents the skinny snacks (source). However, in the KHOP world, 11:11 means a different thing.

11:11 has become the ILLIONAIRE Day. The record label has traditionally come out with material or a concert during November 11th, as the number 1 has become their representing numeral. To celebrate this year, Illionaire came out with a single “Illionaire Everyday” at exactly 11:11pm with the three artists under the label. Since DoK2 is currently in America, The Quiett celebrated through an Afreeca TV live stream (which I can’t find the link to) with the artists from Ambition Musik before the song’s release.

In the last years, these are the songs they dropped during Illionaire Day.

역대 일리네어 데이에 공개되었던 노래들🔥🔥🔥 #ILLIONAIREDAY

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