SRS 2016 Championships

The underground crew ADV hosts an annual freestyle competition where it goes to the major cities in South Korea and searches for the best freestyle rapper in the country. Last year, their champion was Baddyhomie (now known as Luda). This year, after going through Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Seoul, and Daejeon, we’re off to the championship set on November 12, 2016.


This year, Street Rap Shit has become bigger as it is now sponsored by the Rapbeat Show and will be holding a bigger stage at YES24 MUV Hall with judges JJK, Xitsuh and Huckleberry P. The said event will also be holding special stages from ADV crew and The Quiett.

The finalists this year includes Daegu representative, H2adin (who has an impressive Soundcloud), Celementer from Busan, Loxx Punkman representing Seoul, Amon Mirror from Daejeon and 42 from Gwangju. Two wild card contestants were also chosen to join the championship, Jon-Xaine, AGO and Ill$in, a total of 8 rappers to compete against each other.

You can get the tickets at Melon Tickets:


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