In April, HIGHGRND announced its project named “PLAYGRND”, a venture into bringing artists together and collaborate on various projects. The first collaboration brought by this project was “Mismatch” featuring Life&Time’s Jinsil and Rollercoaster’s Joe Wonsun.

This time around, PLAYGRND Vol. 2 brings us a collaboration between Lovelyz’ Kei and the Solutions.


Park Sol and Naru produced the song, with Tablo creating the lyrics, Kei and Park Sol providing vocals. The song features a fun beat, something that the Solutions is known for, and talks about how a person is beautiful in their own way. While Lovelyz’ Kei has been in a number of KDrama OST projects, this is the first collaboration for the Solutions since they became a four-member band.

I was really happy to have heard of this collaboration. The Solutions belong to the same label as Life&Time, Happy Robot Records. I am really hoping that more artists from the label join this project. In the meanwhile, listen and watch the fun MV to “Beautiful” below!


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