[ K-INDIE ] : The Barberettes Releases Their First Full Length Album

I listen to different types of music. It feels amazing when you discover gems through different genres. And since it’s something in my family to listen to the Sunday radio where classic, old music are played through airwaves, I am no newbie to the music styles from different generations. That’s why I was enticed when I first heard of the Barberettes back in 2015. Their vocalization is just amazing and their music are lovely!

The Barberettes is a retro, doo-wop trio that debuted in 2012 first doing covers of some famous 50’s and 60’s songs. They then released their first album in 2014 with 8 tracks, all of which were originally produced by the girls. With their album and songs, the Barberettes were then recognized by the Korean Music Awards committee, even being nominated for three awards. Their collaborations with various artists then followed, including some KHOP names, Fana and P-Tpye. They were one of the very few Korean acts chosen to perform at the SXSW 2015 as well.

14723648_1630624030568255_8957932578241773568_nThis year, The Barberettes is back with their first full-length, self-titled album consisting of 11 tracks. While the album was made available on the 20th, the music video to the title track “Like I Do” was released on October 18th. Be awed at their voices while you watch three beautiful vintage women walk through Seoul and having fun! Another track “Love Shoes” was released last month, September 26th.

To celebrate the release of their album, The Barberettes will be holding a concert on November 4th at the Hana Tour V-Hall. Tickets are available at Interpark and Hana Ticket.




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