IRON’s DF Interview & Translations

Recently, Dingo Music has released their video interview with IRON talking about his recent album and issues. Below the video is the translations.

Why did you write a comment on DoK2’s instagram?
Iron: If I talk about other stuff, it isn’t cool.

Iron: As a Korean citizen, I didn’t follow the law so I’m waiting for the punishment. I know that I have to take responsibility for that.

Iron: The album Rockbottom… I want to show the true me, I want to put it in the album.
Question: The ROCKBOTTOM album came out when you were at the lowest part of your life?
Iron: Yes, when I was at my lowest, somehow another part of me came out. Like, it made me almost perfect. So I’m just enjoying it. (everything that happened)

Question: In the song system, there is a lot of diss, right?
Iron: My thoughts on that person remains the same. Anyway, I think that he’s not hiphop. (the person he dissed) I didn’t say it to make the person go down or make him jealous. That’s just what I thought and after that, I will just ignore him. As a man, I am allowed to say that of course.

Iron: On the TV, I saw forced negotiating scenes (about the government). While watching it I was so mad I wanted to put the truth in my lyrics.

About 하남 주공 아파트
Question: In that song, it was shocking that there was a knife/weapon.
Iron: The “friend” in my lyrics, we fought a lot when we were young. That friend told me that he will kill me so I told him that I would kill him too. I said it to make him mad. So that friend tried to hit me, and then it happened. That friend is quite cool, he told me “I’m happy I got a signature from you that cannot be erased.”

Question: How was your school life?
Iron: I lived shamefully. Because on that time when someone makes me mad I try to release my stress to someone who is weaker than me. I hit them, I stole many stuff. Actually, I also stole watches, rings, etc. When I meet them in the future, I will buy it for them while talking and drinking.

Iron: If I am in my friends’ position, I did something unforgivable. If I have a chance, I want to say sorry to them.

Dok2 and Instagram
Question: Again, why did you write a comment on DoK2’s Instagram?
Iron: I don’t say bad words without a reason and those reasons, I know that only DoK2 knows about it. I wasn’t hacked, I was not drinking any alcohol. I just want to put it in his Instagram.

Questions: What do you want to say to your fans and haters?
Iron: i love you ❤

(Translations made available via Ericka or KHH PH! Thanks!)


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