Jinbo – Exclusive Interview

After our FFQ with Jinbo, we’re revealing our first full and exclusive interview with Korean RnB singer and producer, Jinbo The SuperFreak. We talked about what he’s been up to lately, places he’s been to, future plans and of course, an upcoming album. Check out our interview below!




TKL: Please introduce yourself to the readers!
JINBO: Hey! My name is JinboTheSuperfreak. I’m a producer, singer and songwriter. I have two sides. Jinbo is a bit of a serious dude. He’s a soul artist. Jinbo also means progression so he believes in eternal learning and the SuperFreak side is a funky creator. He loves to be different. He promotes individuality.

TKL: How have you been doing lately? We heard about your performance at the Seoul Soul Festival last month. How was the experience?
JINBO: I’ve been working on producing songs for others and working on my album. I’ve been involved in various SFK (SuperFreak) projects. One of them was a collaboration with this space design team called BuiltBy. Together we created an amazing project and named it “Particles”. It was used during my performance at the Jisan Rock Festival. Architecture part was done by the design team and the sound design was done by us. The idea proved that the sound shows time dimension effectively. Space and sound combined together-that’s the fulfillment of the whole idea of our universe. I’ve traveled quite a lot recently too and saw a lot of interesting spots.

My performance at the Seoul Soul Festival was an amazing experience. It was done with 9 awesome band members (including a saxophonist and a trumpet player). It felt great to work in a team, to come back to writing music on music sheets. Our hard work was rewarded with good vibes!

TKL: We heard that you lived in Manila when you were a kid. Can you tell us more about it?
JINBO: I lived in Urdaneta village. One of the best memories I have is going out during a typhoon and leaning forward towards the wind with my arms wide spread and just feeling that strong wave. And also I met my first girlfriend in Manila. She was a cute German girl, my neighbor. Both of us were 3 years old. (laughs)

TKL: What is your favorite Filipino food?
JINBO: My all time favorites would definitely be Bagoong and mango, Sinigang, garlic rice, Halo-Halo, kalamansi, ube ice cream, biko.

TKL: Is there any place in the Philippines you haven’t visited yet but would love to?
JINBO: I heard that one of the the best surf spots is located in Siargao and it’s called Cloud 9. I would love to go there someday.

TKL: The people you’ve worked with are now really popular, like DoK2, Gray and Hoody. How does it feel to see these hoobaes become successful in their craft?
JINBO: I feel happy for them. I’m proud of them too. They were destined to become what they are now. And I’m glad I influenced them in some way.

TKL: How were you able to meet the other producers under SuperFreak Records? Any future projects with the team in the future?
JINBO: I met them through various masterclasses that I held. Some of the guys were my attendees and I met the others through further connections. We’re thinking of making an album all together.

TKL: We heard that you were preparing for a new album. How is it going?
JINBO: It’s going pretty good. Thanks.I feel that I have more support from more talents. People are gonna hear my experiences through the songs. It’s gonna be new and different.

TKL: What can we expect from your upcoming album?
JINBO: They can expect an upgraded, progressed version of me.

TKL: Will you be working with anyone for this album?
JINBO: I can’t lay all my cards on the table. It’s a secret. (laughs)

TKL: How do you usually start with making music?
JINBO: I either start with drums or a cord progression. Rarely, I start with the main melody theme.

bewhy2TKL: Are there any rookie artists you have been keeping an eye out for lately?
JINBO: Not much, but Bewhy seems interesting.


dean4TKL: Dean is becoming a hot topic everywhere. Are there plans to collaborate with him in the future?
JINBO: I’d love too! Because I think he’s a great melody maker and he also produces, which is a great skill and it makes the communication much easier when both sides speak the same language.


TKL: Do you have a song you have produced that you want someone else to sing?

TKL: What can you say about Korean hiphop spreading to the world and that more people are becoming more aware of it?
JINBO: I think right now Korea is in between West and East. In the 20th century, it was the rise of Black American music. It was the era of the Atlantic ocean. But the 21st century is the era of the Pacific ocean, the rise of Asian music. Korea now is a test field for globalization. It’s the hub of the Asian culture. I’m really looking forward to be more involved in the hip hop scene.

TKL: Any places you want to go to in the future and perform for your fans?

TKL: Any message for your fans, especially the FIlipinos?
JINBO: Filipinos are the Brazilians in Asia. I’m sure you guys can make some good Bossa Nova tunes. I would love to hear more music from you. Philippines should be the most talented country in Asia. Come on! You guys have Manny Pacquiao and Chad Hugo. PRAY, EXERCISE, LOVE!



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