ME & KHH : Fans And Their Stories

Recently, we held an album giveaway contest and the prizes are copies of an album from Nucksal, Giriboy and Dean. Part of their prize is being featured in the blog with their stories or artworks involving KHOP or the scene itself. Let’s get to meet them!

20160331_084302_00 Arisa is a fan from the Philippines that got involved with Dean Philippines when Dean came to Manila last August. According to her, she was never a hiphop/RnB person. #DEANinMNL was actually many of the firsts in her fan life. First fanmeet, first experience to meet a Korena artist, first time to be friends and treat fans as family, first CD signing, first airport stalking. It’s was nice to know that for a new fan like Arisa, Dean gave her a lot of great memories. Congratulations, Arisa!

fb_img_1474075873636.jpgAmor is also a fan from the Philippines and started off as a supporter of rappers from KPOP groups but became a KHH stan when Bobby joined (and won) SMTM3. Right now, she’s an active supporter of the Philippine KHIPHOP Community.

Amor Amores Me & KHH


received_1788151004764735.jpegShamae is a big fan of Cheetah and ADV Crew, even becoming the admin of ADV Philippines. She supports numerous artists from the scene and is supporting the Philippine KHiphop Community as well. You can go follow her on Twitter (@itsjustshamii) or Instagram (@shamii0613_).

Shamae Me & KHH




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