Tasha Is Back With JAMCOME ON BABY, Album On The Way

A good month ago, a rumor about Yoon Mirae releasing an album arose with a tracklist already set. When I saw that, I totally flipped! I know a lot of us have been waiting for a solo release from the queen of the Korean Hiphop scene. But alas! It was all just a rumor. However, three days ago, Feel Ghood Music dropped a teaser to a new Yoon Mirae single album. The digital album consists of three tracks.

  1. 잠깐만 BABY
  2. JAMCŌME ON BABY (English Version)
  3. 사랑이 맞을거야 (Smells&Reno Mix)

After much waiting, the full music video to the song just dropped last night!

Along with this single, Tasha said it herself that a full album is coming its way soon. I can’t wait anymore!


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