FFQ: J-Dogg

J-Dogg has been in the scene for a long while and have been active as a producer and rapper, starting off a member of Rhymebus and then being part of Black Anvil. Let’s re-introduce the rapper to the new generation of fans through this quick FFQ interview.


TKL: When and how did you start as a rapper/musician?
JDOGG: 정식데뷔는 2007년 Rhymebus라는 팀의 멤버로 정규앨범을 내면서였어요.하지만,이미 데뷔 몇년전부터 다른 뮤지션들의 앨범에 프로듀서로서 혹은 래퍼,싱어로서 다수 참여하면서 경력을 쌓아갔었습니다.
데뷔당시 저는 DJ DOC라는 한국음악계의 레전드 격인 팀의 리더 이하늘(a.k.a.이도사)이 세운 힙합레이블 BUDASOUND의 소속이었고,팀으로서 활동하던 Rhymebus는 저와 현재는 프로듀서로 활동중인 Peejay로 이루어진 팀이었습니다.

(We made our official debut releasing an album as a member of Rhymebus in 2007. However, I developed my career collaborating with other musicians as a producer, rapper or singer.
At my debut, I belonged to a hip hop company, BUDASOUND established by Lee Haneul of DJ DOC , which is almost the legend of Korean music and I was in a team with Rhymebus and Peejay who is working as a producer.)

TKL: Is there an actress you find attracting recently?
JDOGG: 음악 내지는 힙합과는 전혀 상관없는 질문같은데요?개인적으로 tv를 잘 보지 않아요.^_^

(I don’t think the question has nothing to do with music or hiphop? personally I don’t watch TV that much. ^_^)

TKL: What do you usually do in your free time?
JDOGG: 음악듣는거랑 영화보는 것 정도가 거의 유일한 취미에요.평소에도 작업하고 있지 않을때는 거진 항상 음악을 듣는 편입니다.저는 힙합음악을 하는 뮤지션이지만 그냥 음악들을때는 힙합,알앤비 외에도 재즈나 소울음악읗 많이 들어요.

(Listening to music and watching movies are my only hobby. Most of the time, I listen to music when not working. I am a musician doing hiphop but when I listen to music I listen jazz soul and R&B other than hiphop.)

TKL: You’ve worked with a lot of artists. Is there anyone else you still want to do a song with?
JDOGG: 음..물론 여전히 많은 분들과 작업하고 싶은데,지금 딱 떠오르는 뮤지션은…글쎄요.꼭 한국뮤지션으로 한정하지 않아도 된다면…DPG나 DJ Quik,terrace martin같은 westcoast 계열의 뮤지션들과 작업해보고 싶네요.^^

(I would like to work with a lot of musicians but the musicians who come up… Hmm… If no need to limit them to Korean musicians, I want to work with Westcoast musicians like DPG or DJ Quik, Terrace Martin.)

TKL: How do you like your coffee?
JDOGG: 온리 아메리카노. (Only Americano)
TKL: Iced or hot?
JDOGG: 지슴은 여름이니까 당연히 ice.뜨거운걸 목다간 죽을지도 몰라..^_^*
(At the moment, it is summer so definitely ice. I would die if I drank hot drinks.)

TKL: Lastly, A message to your fans & readers?
JDOGG: 한국은 지금 유래가 없을 정도로 더운 여름을 보내는 중이에요.부디 남은 여름 건강유의하시길 바랍니다.그리도,필리핀은 작년에 다녀왔었는데 또 가고 싶네요.(보라카이가 좋았습니다.^_^)필리핀분들도 행복한 매일이 되시길 기원합니다.^마지막으로얼마전에 나온 신곡 Hip-Hip(Feat.넋업샨,DJ Noah)도 많이 들어주시고요.감사합니다.👍

(I’m spending the hot summer in Korea right now and it’s at an unbelievable degree for its origin. Please have lots of rest. Also, I’ve actually been to the Philippines last year, but I’d want to go again this year (I liked Boracay ^^). The Filipino people also wish (me) a happy day everyday. Lastly, please listen to the new song that came out recently, “Hip-Hop (Feat. Nuck, DJ Noah). Thank you)

You can purchase J-Dogg’s recent song from iTunes. 🙂

Big ups to the translators that helped me, Young and Rae Lee (@ljoesonly)! Thank you!


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