[ PROMOTE ] FY! Reddy


FY Reddy

I am no Tumblr person. I have an account there but I have never found it as exciting or fruitful as really having your own site.  But that may just be me. But a lot of fansites are actually based on Tumblr, if not on Twitter.

Reddy is slowly becoming more popular especially after being part of Show Me The Money 5. And to help with the growing following the rapper is gaining, please show your support to the first online fansite dedicated to Reddy. Right now, there is only one admin that handles it. Make sure you give them the support and make the squad even bigger.

Tumblr : fykimhongwu.tumblr.com

And if you want to follow the admin on Twitter, you can check her profile : @b2utifuldreamer.

If you’re from the USA, you better check out Reddy’s show in LA scheduled today, September 5th at Los Globos. I believe the fansite has given out their support for this show so you better go and turn up. I don’t know if there are still tickets available but you can go and check it out at the Kloud10 website.

Reddy show


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