A Glimpse At Jinbo the Superfreak

It is always is a pleasure to be able to talk to Jinbo and much more now that he answered my FFQ. But heads up! As the title suggests, this is only a glimpse of what Jinbo does and dreams for his future.

TKL: If you could attend or perform at an international
show/music festival, where would you want to be?
JINBO: If it were a solo performance then it would be Coachella, South by Southwest fest (USA), Seoul Jazz Festival, Summer Sonic Fest. And for the SFK (Super Freak Records) it would be Amsterdam Dance Event, ULTRA, Dour Fest (Belgium).

TKL: If there is any American artist you’re looking forward to do a collaboration with, who would it be? Korean artist?
JINBO: (For the) international artists, Erykah Badu, Pharrell, Flying Lotus, Migel Atwood Ferguson . (For) Korean, Seo Taiji, Kim Gun Mo, Taeyang, GD or CL.

TKL: You’ve been traveling recently. Which city would you say you want to come back to? Which one would you not visit again?
JINBO: Definitely would come back to Amsterdam and London. I didn’t have a chance to enjoy it fully. I wouldn’t come back to Almaty (Kazakhstan).

TKL: What’s your favorite color?
JINBO: Purple.
TKL: Oh! Same as me.

TKL: What do you usually do on your free time?
JINBO: Whenever I have extra time I love to go boxing, watch interviews of great artists and learn from them, watch science documentaries, do experiments, bond with my parents, wonder, daydream, think about scale, the universe, multiverse, think about time and just sail loosely. In other words, I master the art of living.


We have a full interview coming up with gist on an album coming up and further projects following it so keep your eyes peeled! Follow Jinbo on Instagram and make sure you like SuperFreak Records’ Facebook Page


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