FFQ Interview with Jayho

Our Five Fun Questions are officially back and we got a number of fun interviews ready for all of you. And to start off this round of FFQ’s, we were given a chance to shoot some questions at Legitgoon’s Jayho.

He recently released a solo album this year and with his crew, they released their second album titled “CAMP”. Time to know more about him!


TKL: Cats or dogs? What would you name it?
Jayho: (I’m) more of a dog person. I already have a dog named Doo boo, Korean jindo.

TKL: Who are you closest to in your family?
Jayho: My elder brother. We hang like bestfriends.

TKL: How did Legitgoons form?
Jayho: Blnk Time and Authentic originally formed the crew. And Jeremy (Blnk time’s old friend) named it Legit Goon. Other members including me were joined naturally since we’ve all already been close friends.

TKL: How long did it take for you to finish all the tracks from your last album?
Jayho: For my LP, Lemans, it took about 2 years. Latest album, CAMP took about a year.

Jayho’s “Lemans” album cover artwork
Legitgoons’ “CAMP” album cover artwork


TKL: If you could choose a different stage name, which would you be?
Jayho: Never thought of having another stage name. If I get to make one, probably something that doesn’t include Jay. (There are) too many similar names with it.

TKL: Lastly, a message to your fans and the readers?
Jayho: Appreciate your love and support. Hope my crew and I get a chance to camp around the world having shows and meeting ya’ll in person someday.


Show your support to Jayho by firstly following his SNS and secondly, by purchasing their albums (Hiphopplaya store). ONE LOVE!


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