Mic Swagger is Back With A 2nd Season

A lot of the older generation of underground fans would probably have already missed the Mic Swagger series from almost 7 years back. I know I do.

When I was starting out as a fan, I was able to learn about a lot  more other rappers through this video series created by Freestyle town. It was one way for me to appreciate what it means to be a freestyle rapper. Also back then, we didn’t get that much shows with rappers on it. So videos like these were enough to get us all excited. Check out some of my favorite episodes below!

However in 2016, the Mic Swagger series is back with a second season, this time with Huckleberry P as the main MC. The project is said to be created by Nuol and delivered by Channel Madi in cooperation with MNET. When I heard that there’s gonna be a second season for this show, I almost didn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. But when I saw Jung Sangsoo with Huckleberry P and the video being shared, I just couldn’t help it. I was so excited! Since it’s the “new era”, the black and white theme is totally out and there goes the big lights in front of them, the reason why for three episodes, the rappers have sunglasses on them. LOL

So the first episode features Nucksal. Next is Jung Sangsoo and most recently, Hash Swan. I’m excited to see who else they’ll feature in the new season of Mic Swagger. I’ll be more excited if they feature the whole Holmes Crew though! But whoever it is, I hope this becomes a way for more people to appreciate these rappers the way I looked up to them with respect.



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