Agust D Drops First Mixtape Since Debut

Main rappers from idol group BTS have been known to have been underground rappers even before their debut under Big Hit Entertainment. The leader, Rap Monster, was part of the now defunct crew DaeNamHyup, and has been successful in releasing a mixtape in 2015 titled “RM”. And today, without much teasing, Suga has also dropped his own mixtape.

“Agust D”, as Suga’s mixtape is titled, is also the same moniker he used before his debut in the idol group (And probably the same name he’s going to use for the promotion of this mixtape). His fans would now that he has been planning a mixtape for years. I, personally, have been waiting for it as well. And I was surprised to see that he dropped a music video last night on the title track “Agust D”.


Pretensions all aside, I did not like this song. It may just me and my preference with voice types, but the flow and style Suga used in this song (and maybe for the whole mixtape as well), is not so very pleasing to the ears. Those moments that you would really want to love the music but the rapper’s voice is just too annoying to even listen to it… That’s what I felt. It sucks. But I have to hand it to Suga. He produced all of his tracks. What shocked me most about this release though, is the fact that we got three collaborations: DJ Friz, Yankie and Suran. Is Big Hit working close with Amoeba Culture lately? The track “Give It To Me” gave me a frown. It sounded rushed and unprepared, with his flow not matching the beat. I loved how he tried to play with trap music with “Tony Montana”. But you all know I favor trap too much. And this… Let’s just say that it’s getting tiresome when rappers try to do Keith Ape’s style. Well, yeah. It’s a trend but it’s already 2016. Those shrieks and “skrrts” are definitely out, other than the fact that a lot would agree with me when I say that Cohort pulls off that style way better than anyone else. Yankie saved that track though. However, the last track featuring Suran might definitely be a winner, “So Far Away. I don’t know about you guys but Suran manages to slay every track that she’s on. And on music like this, with a style like this, Suga’s voice sounds more pleasing.

Those are just my opinions though. What do you guys think?



2 thoughts on “Agust D Drops First Mixtape Since Debut

  1. true about suran, I’m actually following her and even though she only releases singles, most are all masterpiece 🙂 If she releases an album or a mini album, I don’t think I can choose which one will be my favorite


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