Dumbfoundead Drops Another Worthy Shit, “Harambe”

After his single “Safe” which points out whitewashing that happens in Western media, Dumbfoundead is back with yet another controversial song.

“Harambe” talks about the recent shooting of a silver back gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in America that happened in May 2016 (source). As per news articles, it was unclear whether Harambe wanted to hurt the child that fell into the gorilla’s habitat or protect him. However, without much thought into it, the officials decided into killing it with a gunshot, which to some animal experts, should only be done as a last resort.

The word “Harambe” (source) means “to work together, pull together” based from the Swahili dialect in Kenya. With Dumbfoundead’s track, he correlates the story of Harambe with his own life and the sad fact that the world we live in is getting worse,

In other news, Dumbfoundead will be dropping his new mixtape “We Might Die” soon, date unconfirmed. But “Harambe” will surely be on it!


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