#DEANinMNL Through A More Observant Eye

I know.

I have already shared my experience with Dean’s show earlier. However, I consider that entry more with the feels of a fan who watched the show and as a person included in preparing the event. But what exactly happened behind the scenes? What exactly happened from the eye of someone watching every element’s move? That’s what I’m going to share with you now.

So technically, despite the fact that Dean is much more active in the KHOP scene, he’s got a big following from the KPOP scene as well, especially after being featured in Taeyeon’s “Starlight” and the fact that he said he was friends with EXO’s Baekhyun. Nothing wrong there for me since I leanred about Dean back then as Deanfluenza and his songs for EXO, VIXX, f(x) and more. But with two worlds colliding in one event, you would definitely see how fans differ so much.

Since I lead the KHOP community here, most of the time, when I say things, the fans listen to me. They stop, think and follow. And in general, the fans keep their cool. KHOP fans lined up at the venue and stayed calm, waiting for updates and listening when people explain stuff. They as much as possible, show the fanbase that they support them. They stayed chill at the back and partied with friends. Their phones hardly had any fancams on them since all we did was really enjoy the show. And I saw my people when Dean came on stage. You could see them crying.
But go look at the KPOP fans and they’re crazy! Okay. I’m not generalizing the KPOP fans as crazy but I know I’m sure when I say none of the KHOP fans at Dean’s show showed these attitudes.

The KPOP fans were the ones who kept on complaining while lining up for tickets. They were also the ones that kept on bugging the DEAN PH admins and causing all the ruckus. I’m not also saying this as to offend, but a lot of those KPOP fans only knew a few of Dean’s songs including “D(Half Moon)”, “Pour Up” and probably “Bonnie&Clyde”. He doesn’t really have a lot yet but it sort of hirts when these kinds of fans managed to get into the front, the CD Signing event and Meet&Greet while the real fans who have been with him ever since just stand on the side and watch. Definitely not cool.
I am pretty happy I went to this show though. It gave me frontrow access and view to the difference of KPOP and KHOP fans.

After Epik High’s “Parade” in 2015, this is the second KHH show I have been to. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see Keith Ape and Dumbfoundead last year so this is my second. I was expecting more of an intimate setting but this is the best the promoters could do.

The show was supposed to have half of the crowd sitting down on chairs but eventually, they stacked them all up and left 200 on the floor for those who got into the CD signing event. According to rumors, Dean wanted to throw away the seats to have more fans get into the venue (Isn’t he the sweetest person alive?! πŸ’œ). In that way, a lot more people got in and the setting shifted to something more club-like, which we know, is usually the setting in every show Dean performs at. I certainly got that vibe while at the venue. Even the lights were in pink, blue, violet and whatnot hues.

The only thing I didn’t like was the opening performance by Krissy. She’s a Filipino singer. And even though she sings really good, I found it irrelevant. And since she was singing mellow RnB, I didn’t think it blended well with the style that comes from Dean.

Then there was a DJ set before Dean came out, Curse&Bless. Now this guy, is cool! He needs more exposure and maybe more styles to do and songs to listen to and use but generally, I loved his set. My group loved his set. But all the other people inside, looked like they didn’t. Some are saying they were just to tired. Others said that having a DJ was irrelevant as well. And that’s where I come in and remind everyone that Dean is not a KPOP idol. I’ve been in numerous KPOP shows and they do not use DJs. But Dean is a KHOP artist and having a DJ hypes up the mood. If these KPOP fans don’t like it, they better shut the fuck up, sit down, wait and keep their opinions to themselves because man, this ain’t their field.

When Dean came out though, it was crazy. At first, there was like a 3 meter distance between my group and the crowd crushing themselves to the front. But when Dean came out, that 3 meters doubled and we had the whole floor to ourselves! Hahaha! It was so fun seeing them push themselves closer to Dean. But it definitely pissed me off at how, whenever I tried to look at the stage and see Dean, all I saw were phone screens taking a video or picture of everything! Dean suddenly was on every screen in front of us. Crazy.

Personally, at each and every show I have been to, I barely take any pictures or videos. I might take a photo or two or a video of my favorite song being performed, but not too much to actually have myself do it all night. I would rather keep my phone somewhere and enjoy the show, taking in all the memories and small details in my memory to recall when I’m with friends.

But generally, I loved Dean’s performance! I used to always criticize him for being a weak performer judging from his first live performances but he definitely became better. And even though there were technical problems somewhere like losing his microphone, he still sang and put the crowd into such hype! It was still so lit despite lasting for only 45 minutes or else. I can’t blame Dean for that. He only has a few songs to actually perform. But I was still looking for that length. It would have been better if Dean sort of talked in between songs. Or if the promoter let him pick the names for the extra 50 winners to the CD signing event. The expected 5pm to 10pm show lasted only until 8pm. Talk about being real quick about it.

I always loved watching CD signing events. It’s fun when you see how the artist would look at the fan and see how fans would react towards them. I find it cute. With Dean’s, I was disappointed at first. Why?

The promoters of the event thought that it was cool to have two bodyguards and numerous Filipino managers in front of Dean as the fans walked up towards him. Like… What were they actually thinking of?! Do they think these people would have a gun and point it at Dean?! Do they have diseases or something?! Will these people eat him up?! Like damn! My country is generally a peaceful group of people. Even though we may look like a crazy bunch of fans, but once in front of people, we totally flip into peaceful people getting too much butterflies in our stomach that we can’t even talk. There were too many “guards” on the stage that we couldn’t see Dean, nor could we see the fans and their reactions! That move was way too overboard from the promoters, really.

But luckily, maybe after the first 60 people, the situation changed. They lost the bodyguards. The Filipino managers left the stage. Only Dean and the Korean managers behind him on the table were left. It gave us a good view of Dean and his interactions. And that made me happy. We all saw how Dean was so happy seeing his fans and most of all, I was happy for all the fans that had at least 15seconds with him. I know they won’t ever forget that moment.

Now, onto a serious note.

So Dean’s promo tour here in Manila was led by MCA Music, a subsidiary company by Universal Music, the same label Joombas Music is also a subsidiary to. Just when we thought things might actually end up good, MCA Music proved that they are as shitty as they have always been.

Why so?

MCA Music has been handling numerous promo tours ever since. In KPOP, they handled Boys Republic. In Western music, they handled Greyson Chance. In both chances, if you talk to fans, they would tell you that the event sucked, MCA Music sucked. That’s why when they announced they would handle Dean, I really raised my arms in defeat. “No. Just… No. This is not happening,” I told myself. I think that’s the same thing I told my friends as well. We all knew it would at one part, end up shitty.

And it was proven correct. Why?

First, and this might not really matter to you, but it did to me. I tried to contact MCA Music through their FB page asking for an email address because I couldn’t pull it out anymore. When they didn’t answer, I sent my proposal to them, asking access to the event maybe as part of the media or maybe just have CD signing chances or whatever. I sent that as The KHOP Loyalist, as a blogger, a blogger dedicated to the KHIPHOP scene, a scene Dean is part of. But guess what? They just seenzoned me. I tried again on Twitter since they were answering fan questions. Still nothing. So, okay. I’ll forgive them. Bloggers don’t get too much attention in this country anyway unless you’re pretty, rich or famous. I can get over it. But still… Fuck all of them that think I can’t be professional if I ask special access to an event. Ya’ll don’t know me. Fuck them that don’t give bloggers enough respect. I swear if I get big, I would show you.

Second reason why they are shitty. Dean is a Korean Β artist. Despite him being a KHH artist, people in this country wouldn’t care. He’s a Korean, a singer, a producer, a guy with a handsome face… People would be bound to be curious about him. That’s how vain the people in this country could actually be. But since they were shitty, they decided to release official details, dates and venue, about his promotional tour 2 weeks before it. Two weeks. Two weeks before the actual event. If you really wanted to promote an artist, you have got to do better than that. I don’t care if they had issues along the way. That’s their problem. But if they were serious in promoting an able artist, they should have worked harder with it. They make it look so obvious that all they cared for was having profit coming in.

Let me just remind them that without the fans, they wouldn’t even have a profit to be counting.

The way they treated fans were absurd as well.

The fanbase in the Philippines dedicated to Dean tried contacting them asking about details on his tour. I can vouch for them that if MCA Music told them to keep everything confidential, they will! But they are so shitty so I don’t care about confidentiality anymore.

Dean arrived in the Philippines on August 4 without us fans knowing about it beforehand. Why am I pissed off about this?! We only learned about Dean coming through his Facebook page, at an hour where people are already at school and in the offices. And the travel to the airport is actually no joke. No one from the fanbase was able to see him at the airport.

But here goes MCA Music finally telling them the artist’s schedule for the week. Why? They shared to the admins his radio show guesting because they wanted some fans to come to the broadcast station and show Dean that he had fans, because apparently, the guy was so sad no one turned up at the airport. I suddenly want to go up to Dean and tell him whose fault that was. But nonetheless, the fans kept the radio broadcast details a secret until Dean left Manila.

And just when we thought everything would be all right, no…

So with MCA Music’s FAQ’s, they said the line to get CDs for the event would start at 10am. We wouldn’t actually step up but some of the fans suddenly wanted to camp out at the area and make a line for people to queue along with as they waited. Since it was unofficial, the fanbase stepped up and volunteered to help with the line. And I saw the exchange of the fanbase admins with a representative of MCA Music. They allowed it. They allowed the fanbase to get the line organized.

So yeah, maybe it was confusing with the numbers given by the admins, but in reality, we just gave that out to have people stick to their line since everyone wanted to be included in the first 200 (which was obviously impossible with the number of people wanting to be in it). But all the fanbase wanted to do was help out with the line and there was already one, a line started by the people who arrived at the venue as early as 3am and ushered by the security personnel of SM North EDSA, the compound SM Sky Dome is in.

But at around 6am, there was this group of people crowding near Walk B saying that the line created by the security personnel was unofficial and would not be recognized by MCA Music.

The security personnel, including the fanbase, tried to talk to them saying that, whether or not the line created would be recognized by MCA Music, they would still need to follow it because that was the line the security has created and the only line in the whole area designated for the show. These people complaining were around 25-40 while the people lined up accordingly were at almost 700 already. If they lined up with them, then they would already have a spot for the event. But no. They wanted to do it their way and created their own queue, but SM’s security didn’t even let them in to the venue. One of them even came up to me with her reasons that didn’t even stick with anything. It was absurd. This issue even reached MCA Music and the head of security of SM North EDSA.

I know, yeah, it was crazy. And people wouldn’t listen to the fanbase because for them, we’re also just “fans”. But why not listen to the security people? The people in uniform? Has it really been hard for this generation to stop, think and listen to people in uniform? And more than these people who kept on complaining, I also want to give a shout out to all those people who cut into the line, especially those Korean and Chinese girls who did. I should have been introduced to these people so I could slap them or something. I don’t care if you’re rich. I don’t care if you’re a foreigner. I don’t care who the fuck you’re connected with. If you don’t follow rules or respect other people, I ain’t gonna hustle with you. Better get out of my face before my bitchy face appears. LOL But nah. I’m serious.

And I’m saying all of this because the shitty MCA Music didn’t even do a thing.

We were contacting them because the situation was starting to get out of hand. I, personally, even asked them to have a representative from their team to come to the venue and try to explain it to us, or just talk to us. You know, because we might never know what their side is actually. We tried to call them, we tried texting them. No answer. But luckily, an MCA Music representative appeared at around 2pm! Talk about being early for a ticketing event starting at 10am! 😁

And so the event was going to start. But do you know what else happened? They might get angry at me, and I probably wouldn’t even care if they did, but I’m still going to say this.

MCA Music wanted the fanbase to release an “official apology” about the queuing issue that happened earlier. If the fanbase didn’t, the label would blame us (not that people haven’t already). To avoid more ruckus, the fanbase did. I didn’t want it to happen but since I know the fanbase couldn’t really fight back the same way these people would, okay. Do it. But let me tell you guys something.

If it weren’t for some “fans” crazy asses, if it weren’t for MCA Music not contacting us despite our effort, if it weren’t for the miscommunication and if it weren’t for people who just couldn’t shut the fuck up with their complains, if someone’s shitty ass just came earlier and explained things, everything would have run so smoothly.

Actually, if it weren’t for the fanbase, MCA Music would actually be in much more trouble, especially if those fans created a second line. Where were they supposed to get their first 200? If it weren’t for the fanbase, they would have a number of complaints from 2 PWD’s who were also in the line. I know because I was the one who talked to them and tried to help them out. They were actually lucky to have people helping them control the crowd without even giving the fanbase enough perks. They did that for free. They did that for the fans. They did that because that’s how much they support the artist you were promoting. How dare you piss off the people who bring you money in?! Without the fanbase, your event would have been visited by flies (it’s a Filipino expression used to describe a weak show. I just translated it. πŸ˜‚).

I wonder how many fans would get at me because of this. I don’t care. What I care for now is this.

If a KHH artist or maybe someone from a Korean label is reading this, heed my warning. Do not work with them. I don’t know what they offer artists and labels but if we all want things to run smoothly and so, do not work with MCA Music. Check out some fans’ reactions towards them. Use “MCA Music” and “#DEANinMNL” as search terms on Twitter. I bet “shitty” is always right beside their name. Other than “thanking” them for bringing an artist, no other commendations would be associated with them. I know I wouldn’t do it. And I know some people working in the media who wouldn’t also commend them. Please. Take my warning seriously. If one of the labels I follow work with them, I’ll be cursing and mark my word, this review would get a duplicate.

So for the FANS, I give a 5/10.
Since it’s a mixed crowd, I give 5 for my KHOP fam and everyone else who were calm and logical. And 0 to all of them with their stupid egos and pride

For the SHOW, I give an 8/10.
Dean should have a longer time on stage. That’s what we came there for anyway. But overall, good show!

For the PROMOTER, I give a 3/10.
I’m giving this for their effort in listening to Dean and his management for all the changes that happened. Do better next time, okay? But for their shittiness, I give a 10 out of 10! You guys never fail. πŸ˜‚

And for DEAN, I give a 100/10.
Such an amazing person. So happy to have met and seen you on stage. This guy will definitely go places. Stay humble and true, Dean. You got my full support.


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