Releases July 24 – July 30

Ja Mezz’s “Hades”

Microdot’s “Wave”, “Auckland City” and “Hella Trill”

Luizy and Flowsik’s ” Recipe”

Soom’s “Because Of Alcohol”

Josh Pan x Dumbfoundead’s “BANNED” featuring Simon D, Jay Park, G2

Electroboyz’ “Sunglasses” featuring Seo Inyoung

Paloalto’s “Turtle Ship” featuring G2, Reddy, Huckleberry P, SwayD

Basick’s “Nan Nugu” featuring Marvel J

Loben’s “Vanity Men” featuring Danclock

Rimi’s “Walking Out Of The Coffin”

myunDo’s “Sniffin My Ambition”

Yammo’s “I Don’t Care”

Cifika and Jay Vito’s “San”

Verbal Jint’s “The Chase/Truth or False”

Keebomb’s “Summer Summer Summer”

Nafla’s “Mercy” featuring AP

Flashbang’s “You Know It”



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