BangJa and M.Slam Drop “The ANTIQUE”

BangJa and M.Slam just dropped their producing mixTape titled “The ANTIQUE” featuring beats and various rappers on it.


1. Back to The Memories

2. Give Me The Light (ft. B-Jyun, J;Key)

3. Guided (ft. Brealiant Bon Voyaze)

4. See U (ft. High-G)

5. HIPHOPKIDS (ft. B-Jyun, Jackal, Skilleto)

6. City Vibe

7. Jinhwa (ft. Bray, B-Jyun, Brealiant)

8. Here We Go (ft. Clay-T, Jackal)

9. Need To

10. Keum (ft. BAad$tARr)

11. White (ft. Bumby)

12. Over N Over (ft. Clay-T)

13. OFFROAD (ft. Boole)

Anyone else amazed how Bray, B-Jyun and Brealiant is on one track?! πŸ‘€ Go listen to the whole mixtape below!


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