TKL Notice: Stress, Stupidity & Everything Along With It.

​Hello everyone!
I know I have been inactive lately. The reason?! Something amazing happened to me these past few days!
For almost a week, most of my SNS and my primary email address have tried to be penetrated by whoever the fuck they are. It’s a good thing I have my security features in check or else. So for three days, I did my best to change and update my security features in every freaking SNS and email I have, including this blog. And since I was stressed, I had another fit of vertigo and it ain’t nice. I spent these last two days trying to relax but I had to travel today and there comes another fit of stress and dizziness. I don’t even know if I should be actually telling you guys these stuff. LOL
Big thanks to all those readers that kept up with me. I was away for almost 5 days and I still have a lot of views. I feel so thankful.
Big thanks, too, to everyone who tried to comfort me through these stressful days. You all are amazing. You may not have been to actually help me with the problem but having people to talk to feels great.
Since this is a new week, I will start anew, sticking with my schedule. I have a lot to run through actually. There are those new releases I wasn’t able to share with you or even listen to! I already ordered a copy of XXX’s “KYOMI” and….I’M EXCITED TO GET IT. OHMYGOHN. ;~;
I also have a lot of updates to do on the fanpages I handle. Oh geez. And what’s making it hard is my internet connection. I mean, it’s all good but my provider decided to halt their subscription that perfectly fits with my usage. This new subscription I have now limits me from downloading and streaming. AND GOSH! The Show Me The Money 5 Finals is this Friday and I don’t know what to do. Help me. I am excited but I don’t know what to feel anymore. Sometimes, when I do these updates, I don’t even feel anything anymore. I just copy, paste, edit, post and update. The spazzing moments are gone. This can’t be.
Dean’s tour here in Manila is fast approaching, too and I am not ready yet. I mean… I just… I just can’t see what I would actually do or what would happen to me and all the other Rebels coming. I’m sweating guys. I’m too excited.
And lastly, if everything comes down good, I might be giving away 2 albums from 2 hot KHH artists. I repeat. I MIGHT. I had a sudden attack of stupidity so there… Something for you all. I just don’t know when or how to exactly do it. But I’ll keep you posted. πŸ™‚
Big thanks for the support guys! ONE LOVE!
Prepare for my comeback. Just let me sleep first. XD


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