June Concerts

PAYDAY Show (06.18.2016) at Seoul Salon
= Paloalto, DJ Djanga, Camo Starr


HIPHOPLE Mixtape Month Party at the Henz Club (06.18.2016) with Loopy, Nucksal, Xitsuh as special guests
= Coker, YTst, Jennyfts, Someone, Phynxx

FB_IMG_1465803116186     hiphople

Music Curation Concert Vol.4 featuring MC Meta at Platform 61 (06.18.2016)
= Nucksal and Jin Dotgae as special guests


FILA Originale Ground Project at 146 (06.17 – 06.18)

June 17 = Unmasterclass With Young Guru and performances from Peejay, Hyunjung Ko, Mood Schula, Somdef, Gyeongseon Park, No Identity; hosted by Jinbo
June 18 = Live performances from Life & Time, Second Session, Moon & Bouncers and Maalib

jinbosuperfreak     samchungro146

Social RunToU x VOLT Hiphop Show featuring DoK2 and The Quiett at the VOLT (06.24.2016)


HIPHOP Dream Show & Bass Music Party (sponsored by Rapbeat Show) at The ICON (06.25.2016)
= Bray, Lupi, Choi Sam, Niihwa, Simba Zawadi, Young B
= Daisy, Doberman, Bagagee Viphex13, JOON, Seiki


The Henz Club Anniversary show at (well, where else…) the Henz Club (06.25.2016)
= more details to follow


Beenzino concert “12” at Samsung Card Hall (06.26.2016)




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