Space Bars


Title : Space Bars
Artist : Snacky Chan
Release Date : June 11, 2016
Tracklist :
1. Path To Walk (ft. Owen Ovadoz, Im Sunghyun, Lazy Bones)
2. BOOM (ft. Mia Park)
3. InmaekHiphop (Skit) (ft. ChoiKwon Rapper, Ddolbae)
4. Funk N Drunk (ft. Ja Mezz, Hwaji)
5. Over The Top
6. (Bonus Track) Street Legends (ft. Singapore Kane)

First off, I want to give too much kudos to Snacky Chan, his team, the producers and featured rappers for a job well done. The news of an EP from Snacky Chan has been announced since early this year and the wait has finally ended when “Space Bars” dropped on the 11th of June. And amidst the current trend of trap beats and EDM, it is quite refreshing to have this album focusing on jazz hiphop. And honestly, not a lot of rappers can pull this type of fusion really well.

I listened to this album while having a good talk with my brother over a midnight meal. I’m asleep for most of the day and awake at night so whenever we meet around that time, we make it worthwhile as long as they’re awake. The whole feel of the album complimented well as we talked bout music, food and friends.

One of my fave tracks would actually be Funk N Drunk. When I saw Snacky Chan share a photo with both Ja Mezz and Hwaji in the studio, I knew we would e  be expecting music from all three of them. And they didn’t disappoint. Ja Mezz is actually one of the rappers I give respect to when it comes to rapping along a hazz hiphop beat. He’s got it. And Hwaji as well.

However, my favorite track will definitely be “Over The Top”. Because of Show Me The Money, a lot of people were quick enough to pass judgement over Snacky Chan. These people actually need to listen to him more and Over The Top is just the place to start. Sure. There are cusses here and there, and the obvious bragging. But can you even deny the talent, sincerity and hardwork this man has? He’s not perfect in all areas but he’s definitely working hard to become better, to go over the top.

I hope you enjoyed this album as much as I did!


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