[ RECAP ] #SMTM5 First Episode

So here we are again with one of the most awaited events in KHOP history. Show Me The Money. And this time, running with its fifth season, the first episode airing just last night, May 13th. So what were we all excited for in this new season? Pretty much the usual.


smtm5 (1)

They were the first people introduced into the show and let me just comment on each of their popularity. So the first team introduced was Illionaire and you could already hear everyone shouting and raising their Illionaire signs up. I know some international fans starting to get disappointed with these two but personally, I still have loads of respect for these two. DoK2 is definitely one of my favorite rappers, and just like a lot of rappers out there, I have my hats up for The Quiett’s talents. Some rappers were asked who they wanted to judge them. And even though it would be too far out for them to actually pass, they still would want to be judged by The Quiett.

For the YG Team (Kush and Zion.T), i had mixed emotions. I do love all the artists coming from this label but for these two to show up on SMTM5 is too much. Honestly, Zion.T would be the last person I would think of if I ever had to choose a judge for this show. MNET did point out that he was an RnB singer, but Zion.T fired back saying he knows a lot about rapping. Well, he has been around the scene for some time, both singing and rapping along to some songs. Whatever you say, Zion.T. Then there’s Kush. Yeah. He raps. He used to at least. But currently, he’s been more in the production world that people aren’t even sure if he still knows how to rap. I guess we’ll know in the producer concert. Out of all the teams, I feel like they are the weakest when it comes to their discography as a rapper. However, we could hang on to our seats and wait for what masterpieces Kush can cook up for their future team.

simon dThen there’s Team AOMG (Simon D and Gray). Their footage showed the two walking on stage with Simon D’s “Simon Dominic” playing. I swear. I heard everyone in that venue singing along. Aside from Illionaire, Simon D is also one of those rappers I am excited to see on this season. First, because he used to diss the show (and MNet had the happy pleasure of showing that video) and now he’s a judge. From hater to supporter real quick, baby! And second, because everyone wants to see one of the underground kings. We all know that Simon D is one of those OGs that really stick well with the underground world until now, supporting rookie rappers and still hanging out with the rest of the OGs. A lot of rookies respect Simon D and you can definitely see that when he walked out. And just as Simon D judged, he didn’t just walk pass by rappers. He left them with advise, made sure they felt relaxed and even did adlibs, joining them while they rap. If that ain’t no reason to give the guy respect, I don’t know what else. And then there’s Gray. Yes. Gray is a rapper but he’s definitely not one of the best out there. For most of it though, I appreciate him taking a part in this because just like all the other people in that auditions, he knew what it meant by hustling. Luckily for him though, he had a knack on producing amazing beats and it took him where he is right now.

gil mad clownThen there’s Gil and Mad Clown. I don’t know what they call their team. I want to call them the awkward ones because did you see how they literally did and say so little during their interviews? I swear. Throughout this season, we might be able to count Mad Clown’s sentences with only both hands. However, this pair up made me flip. Why? Because there’s Gil, a member of one of the most prominent KHiphop crews, Movement. Then there’s Mad Clown, Soul Company alum. Their groups they come from invite too much attention and respect, and also make us expect a lot. I am kinda hating MNet again for showing clips of Mad Clown doing lyrical mistakes during his stage in SMTM2 and other shows. You get Mad Clown to be your judge. Then you show people his flaws like you can’t commit them. Congratulations, MNET. You just proved to me that you are a bitch. My middle finger salutes you.

But we are all used to their evil editing anyway.

And here is where the fun part actually starts.


Months before, I’ve posted names of rappers seen and auditioned for SMTM5. With a tremendous number of applicants and a 2-day auditions, I know MNET wouldn’t be able to cover them all. And so we end up being shown the people that we already knew.

There was a huge number of rappers that have previously joined the contest and now has come back to audition yet again.

There was Xitsuh. Without me even telling you what happened, of course you already knew he would pass. The guy’s amazing. What was funny though is when he introduced himself. “My name is Seo Chulgoo from SMTM4, the rapper Snoop Dogg failed.” I’m telling you, this guy knows how to handle proper airtime. *clap* And there’s Borntong, the highschool kid Xitsuh passed the mic to in that Snoop Dogg challenge. He now has short brown hair (and he’s cute). And he passed.

CJamm and BeWhy joined again, too. CJamm from SMTM3 got dropped out just before the finals. BeWhy got eliminated during the third round. This time, both of them passed again with CJamm performing a verse from “Illusion” and BeWhy rapping along to a verse from “Shalom”. And can I comment on how everyone, literally EVERYONE had to stop whatever they were doing just to listen to BeWhy rap? Yes. The world stopped turning that minute. Now we’re hoping they get farther up the competition. Imagine if both of them get into the finals though. Sexy Street dominating!

cjamm bewhy

And there are those rappers that have previously worked with the producers and here we are acting like they don’t know each other. LOL

Two of the most interesting contestants this year might as well be G2 and Reddy, both from Hi Lite Records. It’s interesting for me because they already have names for themselves. MNET even showed clips of the two giving out autographs and taking selcas with fans. I didn’t even realize they were actually THAT FAMOUS until I saw them both struggling with the amount of fans they have. Reddy passed. I have no comment on that. G2 though… I just want to point out that when G2 started rapping, all the other judges on the floor had to stop and recognize him. Everyone knows G2’s voice. It only bothered me that he still managed to pass after committing various mistakes. He rapped his verse from his song “HYMN” and since I liked that song and became one of my fave songs from 2015, I knew where he went wrong. Gray was his judge though and after contemplating too much, gave him the necklace anyway.

Then there’s Bizniz. We all know he’s been in the scene for quite some time. I know he prepared for this. DoK2 was his judge and he passed. I’m not giving this color or anything. It’s just, for me, Bizniz’s flow and style used during his auditions was just his normal one. Nothing too explosive. Nothing out of the ordinary. And DoK2 gave him the necklace. Oh well. Then there’s Sanchez. And as if the heavens have already agreed to it, DoK2 became his judge. If you didn’t know, DoK2 and Sanchez have known each other from way back! Sanchez did good though so I won’t contest to it. I want him to show people that he is much more than just a singer for Phantom.

And as if everything went according to plan, One was also judged by DoK2. If you weren’t aware of it, One has already worked with Illionaire for a song, “Jeilx”. And for the most part, One was good, just not that impressive though.

Then there are those rappers that got eliminated way too early from the game. First one, Baddyhomie. As he was Street Rap Shit 2015’s champion, I was expecting so much from him. If ADV chose him as the best freestyler then he should have the skills. MNET showed clips of him against Daydreamer at the rap battle outside the stadium. Then inside, he was judged by Kush. And without much contemplation, he chooses to fail him and pass Daydreamer. Talk about having too much shit that day. I was rooting for Baddyhomie.

Another one of the most hurtful eliminations I saw was Jin Dotgae. Since he’s been a finalist from the first season of SMTM along with Loco, everyone was expecting so much from him, aside from having the skill and talent. Everyone anticipated him. Illionaire even remembers the Jin Dotgae sign (fingers forming a dog head) and did it. That was nostalgic. And here’s Gray, judging him, Loco watching from the crowd. And he fails. I may be biased because Jin Dotgae became one of my faves since SMTM1 but I just did not get why Gray failed him. Was it because of his voice? his flow? Why?! And here I am joking around that Gray and Loco are now in a feud because he failed Jin Dotgae, Loco’s homie. You don’t do that, Gray. No.gray3

Another rapper that Gray failed is Baby J, formerly of Jewelry. I am actually a fan of Jewelry so I expected so much from her. But here’s her chance and she messed up her lyrics, forgetting them. It actually has become a joke that female rappers judged by Gray totally failed because they couldn’t handle his pretty face. And MNET had the pleasure of actually making him look like an angel sent from heaven. Poor girls.


Other rappers seen to pass the first round of auditions:

Enter a caption


The next episode will be showing the anticipated second round where rappers rap in front of all the producers. It feels like a lot of fun things happened that day. I’m excited to see more rappers who did good in the first round and if anyone else gets the producers’ eyes just like how Giriboy and BeWhy did when they auditioned.

As of the moment, there still isn’t a team dubbing the show. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll all be able to see it subbed but for now, if you want to catch up, just stream it raw online!


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