Iron, i11evn Facing Drug Charges

A month ago, it was released through various news sites that 10 individuals were involved in a marijuana case, most of them being musicians. One of the people confirmed to be part of it is rapper, Iron who later on admitted on using weed. After a month, another person was named part of this case and it just so happened to be another rapper, i11evn. Other than using marijuana, he was also charged of smuggling drugs into South Korea (source: Soompi).

iron   i11evn


First, I want to address to people that do not understand. To some areas, especially in the West, the use of marijuana is fine and legal. However in most Asian countries, especially South Korea, the use of marijuana is as good as getting caught with high-grade drugs in America. So if this comes out as weird to you that people are getting too much attention and hate about this, you have to track back where these people are coming from. I personally do not like the use of drugs, not of any kind. And so this news have become a heart breaker for me, although I was not so surprised.

It is hypocrisy to say that there no place in this world where no one goes through drug abuse. It’s absurd. And therefore, even people in the Korean Hiphop scene are bound to have used drugs at some point in their lives. However, in Korea, despite them condemning this act, it doesn’t seem like people of importance have actually gone through penalties. You can read online people in the Korean music scene rumored to have used weed. It led to Esens having been caught 3 times already and currently doing jail time. Okasian had to remind people that he was over that stage in his life. There’s Daniel from Dalmatian who’s issue really rung through the scene. Even the most popular of idols, GDragon, was suspected of use. But how come GDragon’s still walking the streets like nothing ever happened and here goes these people admitting their deed and willing to pay for it and yet receives hate from people? I’m not saying that GDragon does smoke weed (we will never know though). What I’m trying to say is, people should stop thinking that idols are angels and underground rappers are devils just waiting for their time to be busted. The media plays too much on this and people are gladly thrown into deception.

I want to believe that this isn’t true, that the instances Iron and i11evn did drugs were a one-time thing. But I can’t. That’s 10 people involved in this case. The other one I know being DJ Snatch, another DaeNamHyup member.

It’s been pretty obvious since last year that something was up between DaeNamHyup since they weren’t active as a crew anymore. At first, the rumors were that the members have been in too many arguments and the split came on naturally, especially since there was already Rockbottom. I even remember rumors saying Kidoh did weed as well. That was never confirmed. Looks like the rumors of arguments came from the members doing weed. Whether or not all the other members knew about it, we will never know. Rockbottom seems to be silent about it as well. I really want to talk about this more but I’ll keep myself safe by saying that a lot of shit happens in the underground scene. A lot.

Lastly, if this case has to go down ultimately, I hope they get everyone involved. If it’s true i11evn purchased drugs somewhere else, I hope those people get caught as well. If Snatch snitched on the those 10 people, I am also hoping that the rest of the 7 individuals unnamed be announced in public. Whether or not they are famous, the public needs to know who they are as well so people would stop speculating, making it more complicated. I’m hoping that this “investigation” comes up with the whole truth and not just some pin-pointed stuff wanting to just put the blame on people. I hope too that whatever justice needs to be served to Iron and i11evn, it happens. I look up to these people, I listen to their songs and I support them. But if it needs to happen, let it be. I won’t be making a comment about how South Korea handles their drug cases or whatever they plan to do about it. It’s their call. But with the rate this is all going to, they could at least make their investigations more reliable. And hopefully, these webzines, news channels and all the other portals out there would do a better job of investigating and putting their news out. If a rapper gets into a case, report it. If it’s an idol, report it as well. Don’t hold back.



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