Where Is Jiggy Fellaz Now?

I was checking the blog’s stats the other day when a question appeared from the search terms.

“Where is Jiggy Fellaz now?”
Whoever you are, I am glad someone actually wanted to know about this.
Jiggy Fellaz
First, Jiggy Fellaz is one of the most popular crews in the KHOP scene until they became inactive around 2012. Now, I wasn’t aware of this crew until I was introduced to LE who was a member of the crew. I had to look them up. And I was surprised at the amount of members they had and the longevity of their existence.
Even before I wanted to become their fan and get to know each and every one of them, they were already an inactive crew. Since most of the members were already getting old and one by one getting married, the activities done all together gradually stopped. However, a lot of fans and rappers alike admit that Jiggy Fellaz have been the front liners when it came to black music. Most of its members are now considered leaders of other crews and groups.
Their last crew song released was “La Familia” in 2012 featuring Vasco, Simon D, Bigtray,Basick, Dead’P, Dirty Mack and Maniac.
Right now, Basick, Im Sanghyuk and Bigtray are signed under Rainbow Bridge. Simon D is now co-CEO to AOMG. Esens is part of BANA, but is currently doing his sentence because of marijuana usage.
LE is a member of idol girl group EXID. Maniac is currently under Wonshot Records. Vasco is under Just Music. Deepflow is the head of Vismajor Company. Marco is an independent producer. Untouchable remain active as a duo and release solo material under TS Entertainment.
Innovator is currently an independent artists often releasing singles through his Soundcloud. Woo-Side, Illtong, Joe Brown, Dead’P, Baby Khan, Baby Nine, Dirty Mack, JG and Jay Rockin have continued work as independent artists as well.
As for the other members, I don’t know what they’re all up to or how to check updates on them.
Despite them being inactive and no longer doing work all together, they still have pursued music outside of the crew. It’s still nice to see that they still hang out with each other from time to time. Like how they perform at Vasco’s club Secret Society. Like how they have dinners with each other. Like how they still support each other with individual projects or releases.
baby Khan, Bigtray, LE
Baby Khan, Bigtray, LE
Like how they still collaborate with each other in some songs.

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