Owen Ovadoz Exclusive Interview with LARW Reveals More About Himself

Japanese and Korean Hiphop blogsite, Lex’s Asian Rap World just recently shared their exclusive interview with Owen Ovadoz done during MKIT RAIN’s “First Class” concert in Seoul, South Korea (https://lexsasianrapworld.wordpress.com/2016/04/06/exclusive-owen-ovadoz-video-interview/) . The rapper has more things to say about his recent album “POEM”, his work, being in MKIT RAIN, a label taking over both US and Korea by storm and more.

In the interview, Owen revealed that the Illionaire co-CEO, The Quiett helped him producing his album “POEM” which took a year and a half to finally be released to the public. On being with MKIT RAIN, he revealed that he was “a stranger to them”. However, he’s grown to be a part of their family and despite their differences in style, they still support each other.

He was also asked what he thought was the impact of KPOP and KHiphop on each other and I wanted to quote his answer: “It’s a different league.” Truly, with the current trend that’s happening, these two scenes are trying to be kept at par with each other but no matter what they do, they will still be different. “KPOP and idols are doing their own game,” Owen said. Aside from stating that hiphop never existed in Korea, it is also correct to mention that KHiphop artists’ approach towards music and production is wholly different than how mainstream artists do it. However, Owen also said this, “But I think it’s about time and I think people are ready too, to open their ears and understand the music.” And evidently, people are starting to do so.

When asked what he thought the difference between the hiphop scenes in Korea and USA are, Owen Ovadoz left us with another quotable quote, “It’s not how hard you do it. It’s about how smart you do it.” Them hustlers out there must really listen to this guy.

Lastly, and probably might be the most interesting part of the interview is when the rapper was asked what he thought about the rap competition, Show Me The Money.

“If they call me a judge, I’d take my chance… Actually, CJ approached us (MKIT RAIN)… I went out twice and I learned my lesson. It’s just not right. It’s not the answer.”

As much as a lot of us are still excited about the show, there are still issues and controversies surrounding the show. And surely, those people who have been in it would understand what’s really going on between the show and the scene.

To know more of what Owen has to say, check out the video interview below!

Big shoutout to Lex’s Asian Rap World for the awesome interview! Make sure you check them out!


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