Introducing Wikiyoung

WikiyoungWikiyoung is a rapper currently not affiliated with any label or crew. But has been active underground since 2011. He started his career as part of a hiphop unit called “Cliff Boyz” with rapper Minanimate. He released his first album in 2013 titled “Wiki Is Young” with 16 tracks mixed with covers and original tracks produced by himself and other producers including Konquest and Illipse. He continued to release singles concentrating on trap music until 2015 where he began working with rappers from Cohort, Okasian and Jay Allday, coming up with the rumor that he might be as well become a new member of the crew.

Real Name : Seo Jeonjae

Twitter : @wikiyoung
Instagram : @wikiyoung


Check out some of his songs below.


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