#HIGHGRNDWEEK Announcements

HG4Throughout the week, YG’s sub-label HIGHGRND has kicked off their #HIGHGRNDWEEK which was set to announce to the masses what the roster has in store for them. And who would have thought the result would be a roller coaster of emotions.

incredivle7The first announcement that dropped Monday was welcoming a new member of the label, Incredivle. After Show Me The Money 4, people already speculated Incredivle being part of HIGHGRND as he was often seen with Epik High and even released a single that was produced by Code Kunst. Even CJamm talked about him getting into the label in his single “Illusion”.

The next day, HIGHGRND proved they had no chill as they released yet another announcement of a new member of the label. This time, not just one. But three people from one crew, Club Eskimo. They released individual videos of Millic, PunchNello and OffOnOff through their Youtube channel, showcasing what the rookie rappers can do. Hopefully, through HIGHGRND, they will be able to showcase more of their skills.

On Wednesday, just when a lot were anxious to know if the announcement will be about another artists joining the team, HIGHGRND released information on their new collaboration project called “PLAYGRND” which aims to team up various artists and showcase a variety of music and creations. And first on their list is a collaboration between two very known K-Indie artists, Joe Won Sun of Roller Coaster (the same artist featured in Epik High’s “Happen Ending”, and Jinsil of Life&Time. You can remember them as the live band who played for Epik High at their Parade concert back in 2014. Personally, this was the announcement I loved so much. I am a fan of Life&Time because of Tablo and I’m happy to see them finally working on song together! Stay tuned. The single is scheduled to drop on April 7th!


Thursday’s announcement came a bit softer as HIGHGRND dropped that they will soon be back on  Dashradio, an online radio streaming application that is host to various stations including ones hosted by Snoop Dogg, Tyler, the Creator and Mac Miller.There’s no set date as to when HIGHGRND’s station will start to air but if you want to get to know the platform more, you can visit their website.

And for the last day of the week, HIGHGRND dropped an even bigger bomb that shut all the others announced earlier.


They dropped a cover artwork to an album implying that it’s going to be Yang Hyunsuk’s comeback album. No date was given as to when the album would drop (or if it will ever be). However, there are already reviews about it and the list of featured artists are actually no joke (source).

Hoenstly, since this was an announcement made by HIGHGRND with Tablo as its head and  dropped exactly on April Fool’s Day, I actually doubt that this is real. I remember that doing a version of Kanye West’s “The Life Of Pablo” album artwork became a trend among underground artists. This may just be that as well. Or if these are really songs, I don’t think it’s really Yang Hyunsuk’s. If this was really YG’s own album, shouldn’t we see this posted on YG Entertainment’s official Twitter account? I’m thinking more that this was just a big prank, judging from those song titles. But we still don’t know. But I’m keeping this in mind: This announcement was made on April Fool’s Day. XD

After #HIGHGRNDWEEK, we have a lot to expect from HIGHGRND and their artists. There’s the release of PLAYGRND single and possibly singles from the new artists added into their family.


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