TheLoyalist: A Take On Crush and Zion.T

Recently, Zion.T has announced to now be a part of YG’s sub-label headed by Teddy and Kush. As it may sound surprising since the announcement was made out of the blue, it is logical to end up as so since Zion.T is a known good friend of Kush. (source; original source taken from Instiz)

crush zion.t 243

Fans reacted diversely. Some think that moving to YG would halt activities from Zion.T. Personally, I don’t think that’s possible. Zion.T already has a good following and whoever gets him knows better than to put his name to waste. Then there’s another group of fans whose reactions  were greatly concerned on how another Zion.T and Crush collaboration unit would happen. That is sad to think so but knowing that these two people know each other, it sin’t impossible to see another collaboration from them.

However, just a few days ago, Crush was seen deleting a lot of his Instagram posts, including those that suggested of Zion.T. The latter has also asked fans to tell Crush to answer his phone because he was trying to contact him. Then there’s the fact that Crush is now a new member of Club Eskimo, a crew made up of fairly good rookies in the scene including Millic, OffOnOff, PunchNello and of course, Dean. A lot has speculated that the two has had a misunderstanding just recently.

I understand that this should not be an issue I must ponder on too much. If the two did have an argument or whatever, it’s not for us to know or meddle with. It’s for them to resolve. What I’m worried of, although I wish that it isn’t true, is that this feud may  be so big to affect their whole crew. As much as this is a bothering concern, it really troubles me especially that the other members of VV:D have not reacted towards this issue for a while. It may be that we are only overreacting about this whole issue and it may really just be nothing and that’s why no one has reacted about it. Gray and Loco seems to be silent about it. Then Elo was seen recently at Club Eskimo’s show in Busan with Crush.

But I cannot stop and worry.

As far as I know, there’s another crew out there which I have followed so diligently before. But apparently, they’re now technically disbanded. And the reason for the break up is apparently because two of its members also had an argument from last year and until now have not talked to each other since.

It’s just sad to see that just when the KHOP scene is already becoming a trend, issues such as these arise and causes crews to break up or be rocky. In reality, it does happen. We all are just humans subject to emotions. The last thing we can do is hope that everything will be all right in the end.



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