Releases March 20 – 26

AOMG’s “Always On My Grind” (this song features voices from the label’s roster: Loco, Uglyduck, Jay Park, Simon D, Elo, Hoody and Gray)

B-Free’s “Have You Ever Been”

Dean’s “bonnie & clyde” and “D (Half Moon)” which features Gaeko

Toy’s “On The 1”

Jay Moon’s “Hallelujah”

Keith Ape’s “Underwater Potion”

Vasco’s “Anti” featuring Termanology

Bloo’s “Bad Boy Intro”

KittiB’s “Doin Good” featuring Verbal Jint

Futuristic Swaver’s “Money Don’t Make Me” featuring Gok

Rude Paper’s “Sons Of Liberty”

Jay Park’s “The Truth Is”

Masstige’s “Alibaba” featuring Twal i and Sway.D



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