Introducing Lil Cham

Lil Cham
Lil Cham

Lil Cham is a female rapper signed under Factory Boi Productions headed by Fame-J. She is currently the youngest member of the label. The fierce, sexy rapper as she is normally depicted, did you know that she holds a Bachelors degree in Political Diplomacy at Yonsei University? She started her career as an underground rapper in 2012 with her song “Muse”. She headed on to release various singles until she dropped her first album “CHAM” in November 2014. She is currently part of the crew NEON with other members such as Damiano, Lake Kim and more. After being part of Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 which aired in January 2015, Lil Cham has then worked with other mainstream artists such as Bora of SISTAR.


Real Name : Kim Hasum
Birthday : Feb. 20, 1990

Twitter :Β @RealbadLilcham
Instagram :Β @lilchammy



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