Hanhae Drops Single; More of Buckwilds

Last night, Brand New Music just dropped the music video to Hanhae’s new song “I Used To”. This is a double-single release with the second track titled “Fill It Up” featuring Owen Ovadoz and Hanhae’s fellow VYVE member, D.Meanor.

Personally, “I Used To” will certinly be one of my least favorite song and music video. It may just be me but it did not catch my attention. However, I appreciate that this song has more rapping in it, and his lyrics-making has evolved. As for the music video, I did not like it. It can just be me, since I despise hospitals so much, but I still do not understand why they chose a medical facility as a spot. No. I just can’t.

Along with Hanhae’s release, other Buckwilds members have also released their own material like Kkalchang who released his EP a week ago, Louie with his single “Shadow” and Andup who just dropped his “Talk About L” songs last March 15th. Aside from them, other embers are expected to release material very soon including Fana.





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