SMTM5 and Rumored Contestants

The fifth season of Show Me The Money is coming its way, with the first episode said to be aired on May 6th! 2 months before and the hype is already building up. Just yesterday, MNET has dropped the full line up for producers to appear on the show. According to Hiphopplaya, the official line up for producers is DoK2 & The Quiett, Simon D & Gray, Gil & Mad Clown and Kush & Zion.T.

There have also been names said to be joining the show as participants. And there were a number of names that we are all familiar with, and some that are fairly new.

reddy           g2

G2 and Reddy from Hi Lite Records are said to be joining. Fans were ultimately surprised as these two have already collected a big following, and yet decided to take part in the show. A number of rappers who have been in the game for as long as we all know have also shown interest in being in the spotlight with others like Rhythm Power’s Boi.B, Bizniz, Baby J and Sanchez. However, new names are also expected to be in the show including Donutman, MC Gree and #Gun,  Also, rappers who have already gone through the contest once again chooses to compete. This list includes CJamm, SuperBee, Jung Sangsoo, Taewoon and Jin Dotgae.

Jin Dotgae      souldive

Personally, I want to know if Jin Dotgae will really join the auditions. He has been part of Show Me The Money’s first season and he was good enough to reach the finals against Loco, Illtong and Takeone where Loco became champion. Currently, Jin Dotgae is active with his crew Krosshartz. There was also a post I saw that says Nuck of Soul Dive would be joining the show as a solo. Soul Dive became contestants for the second season of SMTM. Although they did not go through the traditional auditions, they became the season’s champion. I doubt that Nuck would join the show, knowing that he’s in the same crew as MC Meta who has dissed SMTM and the current state of the KHOP scene.

Gallery below shows other rappers have also been rumored to joined.

I put the word “rumored” on the title because I do not want to drop speculations that what I say are completely true. Some of them have actually confirmed through SNS that they are planning to join. Some of them have just been circulating the internet. ANd since today seems to be the first day of auditions in Seoul, we’ll know more information as the day goes on. For more updates, you can follow me on Twitter while I try to get more information. Hopefully, I can.


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