SOTW: Hometown


I was invited to listen to Radio Kimchi, a program at a UK FM station by Lex Jones the other. You might probably have heard of him already if you’re an avid fan of the KHiphop scene. He posted this tweet asking people what KHOP song has become memorable to them and that maybe he could share it on air. Out of interest in the question itself, I just answered Double K’s “Home” with Loco. That stage they shared in Show Me The Money will always be memorable to me, especially because Loco has become one of my favorite rappers from all of the seasons of the show and that performance really became the turning point of his career.
But Lex told me to give another song, one that really speaks to me more personally. I never thought of the question that way. And so I shared that one of the songs that really stuck on me over time was i11evn’s “Hometown”. We all had our fair share of arguments with our parents. Mine even almost resorted to running away from home. And I’m serious. But that same night, I listened to this song and it just hit me at all these places.Now, me and my mom are in good terms, better than before and I couldn’t ask for anything more. What made it more memorable was the fact that I shared my situation to i11evn and what his song did for me and he retweeted it to his followers.

Let me tell you why this song is amazing.
Somehow, this song reminded me of some 90’s song I grew up. It’s not the same but the feel were the same, those kind of songs that would just warp you into some type of memory and make you smile or emotional. Typical garage beats from a drum, melody from a piano and some synths that fit perfectly, the typical type you can play on a rainy day or during dawn with a cup of coffee in your hand.
I want to commend i11evn for his singing voice. It isn’t the best vocal voice out there but his natural volume and voice timbre was just right for singing. What actually makes this song more nice is because i11evn raps some of the parts in English, and he did it so nicely. Even his Korean pronunciation was good.
 Someone told me before that this song was based off of a book i11evn read. Whether or not this is his own story, I don’t care. You cannot deny that it speaks to a lot of people. In this generation that we live in, a lot of families are either forced to live apart from each other and during those times, when you need people to be there for you, family would be the first choice to make. But being with them isn’t. Other than being close with my mother, I also experienced living away from family and I guess that’s why I could connect to this song so much.
It has actually been a while since I last played this song and I want to thank Lex for making me share it. And a much more big shoutout to i11evn for having such a good song like this.
Please show your support to Lex and his work by first following him on Twitter. He’s a great guy. And also to i11evn (who’s coming to London with ROCKBOTTOM.!) for a very nice song.

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