Kream Kulture Makes Korean Rappers React to Eminem, Justin Bieber’s Free Style Rap

The internet now has become a platform for people to get known with their talents or maybe create a movement supporting a certain cause. Others just want to have an escape or inform people.

Kream Kulture is a channel that releases weekly videos that pertains about the Korean culture, on how Koreans would react on various things from any part of the world. And this week, they put up a really good video about how Koreans react to two very popular names, Justin Bieber and Eminem.

The Koreans in the video are actually members of a crew, Mobydicktos. There’s Casepeat, a DJ and producer and Record B, a rapper.


I was first introduced to them because I follow their other member, TenSixteen, who is a hiphop blogger in Korea. I was eventually led to all of the members. But Record B got my attention after I saw his mixtape “Record Black” being featured at Hiphopplaya released in January 2016. And I must admit, he is pretty good. Go check his mixtape out on Soundcloud.

As for the video they were in, it’s cool. I know a lot of people already know who Justin Bieber is but it’s surprising how Record B doesn’t know how he looks like (not that his transformation from cutie boy to hot boyfriend material isn’t really surprising). Then there are the reactions towards Royce Da 5’9″ and Eminem. I liked Record B’s comment about Eminem (because I actually asked the same thing back then when I tried to do his raps. I gave up. LOL).


It’s good that they wanted to compare how someone from this new generation like Justin Bieber is compared to one of the legends in hiphop, Eminem. I just think that it would have been better to choose a more hiphop artist to compare to Eminem rather than Bieber because their approach on music are different. Bieber can rap, maybe. But he doesn’t create hiphop songs. He’s R&B.

I like what DJ Toosim said about Bieber though, that it’s unfair how he has so many haters. I, personally, do not like Justin Bieber, the person himself. But if it’s about his talent and music, I have both my hands up for him because he is good. “There are may good music but people depreciate.” You gotta show the love people.


Then there’s the question I didn’t expect to see, their reactions towards American hiphop vs. Korean Hiphop. This has always been a question I read all over hiphop communities. For me, it’s just like what Record B said. It’s all the same ingredients to me. But the outcome, the cause that makes it all different. In American hiphop, in general (and in my understanding), was born because of oppression, the times when African-American people had to stand up for themselves and be more accepted in their society. In Korean Hiphop, it’s not the people that were opressed (basically), it was the music, the culture. And somehow, they are gradually becoming more succesful as years have gone by.



These words from Casepeat summarizes why I decided to support the scene, and the Asian hiphop/music culture as a whole. The world has become a place where most standards are based off of what Western countries have introduced. It shouldn’t be like that. Each and every country has a culture of its own worthy of respect from the world. We need not change it to conform with Western ideas. And with the goal in mind to have Korean hiphop be recognized because of it being Korean, because of it being from Asia, that was why I wanted to support them.

Please show your support to Mobydicktos and Sori Zilla Radio. If you want to know more about the crew, you can check out their Facebook page.


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