SOTW: Celebrate

This may be a little early to become anyone’s song for the week but this certainly will be staying on my playlist for a long while.


Microdot just dropped another single yesterday, “Celebrate” and this features The Quiett, Babylon and Sanchez. The song is produced by BNM’s freshest producer, Primeboi. This has honestly been playing on repeat on my phone since its release.

I believe it’s still the winter season in Korea but “Celebrate” is giving off this fresh summer vibe. With those high piano notes in the beat and voices from Babylon and Sanchez, this has become one song that you can play right beside a pool or during a party. Anyone else imagining themselves in a car ride along the countryside with a bunch of friends with this song playing? I am! When you have a song that tells you to celebrate because of life and all the things you have currently, you just have to show people that it’s really worth celebrating. I even told Microdot that this song deserves a fun music video. I’m hoping. I was thinking that if a music video would drop for this song, it would really work if it’s like one of those videos showing where Microdot goes, his shows, backstage, his moments with friends and family, just something that revolves around his life, the things he’s thankful for. And please excuse me as I cry in the corner.

As for the song, I have to commend Microdot. I enjoy a lot of Microdot songs. I do. Been following him since I discovered his Microtape and I never wavered. But back then, I thought that his voice sounded so awkward. A bit of that high-pitch in very awkward places wasn’t always good. But I thought, hey, maybe it’s puberty. And as time went by, his voice has changed and now moving to that deep pitch that’s normal for men. With Celebrate, I could hear that change and I like it. Even his flow blended well with the beats. It sounded so fun.

I also enjoyed The Q’s part. Well, what exactly from The Quiett do I not like? But I guess, what really made this song enjoyable is the vocals from both Sanchez and Babylon. Babylon has shown us that he could give justice to fun songs right from the moment he did his part in Gaeko’s “Cheers”. And that hook part where the voices switched from Sanchez to Babylon was outright amazing.


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