WASSUP’s Nada Releases First Mixtape “Homework”

After being noticed in Show Me The Money for being an able rapper (and not to mention twerking in front of an amused Swings), WASSUP’s Nada just dropped her first mixtape titled “Homework” through her Soundcloud early today.


This mixtape showcases her abilities in both rapping and lyrics. Her songs have heavy and fun beats which is kept consistent through out the six tracks. The fifth track “Why” has trap samples in it but still sounding good.

I am not a fan of Nada but I recognize her skill. This mixtape just solidified the reason for me to keep on following her. I like her flow and voice quality: not too high, not too deep. Her tracks are well put together, too. The first track “Homework” caught my ears with the first beat. However, the hook sounded awkward after she repeated how we should spell her name right. Every track sounded good for me up until the last track “Like I Have It”. I think “Why” is my favorite track off of the mixtape.

Listen to Nada – ν™ˆμ›Œν¬(Homework) 1st Mixtape by NADA #np on #SoundCloud


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