The Loyalist: Masta Wu Leaving YG

So it was announced just today that rapper Masta Wu has finally pulled out from YG Entertainment and plans to start his own label afterwards.

It is no secret that I am a big YG fan. As KPOP fans call it, I am a YG Stan. I even consider myself a YG Stan from fingernail to bone marrow. LOL So, when this news came out, I had too much mixed emotions.


First, I was happy. I was really, really,sincerely happy that Masta Wu finally decided to leave YG. For me, it’s about time that he finally did something different, other than being under YG’s name. Yang Hyunsuk did once say in an interview that he dreams his artists to continue with music and create their own labels as well. Masta Wu is doing just that. Se7en and Tablo, too.

But under the happiness, I was also so sad. One by one, YG’s original members are already leaving the label. It is no secret that inside this label, their artists are really close, more like being a family. Artists and staff equally share time with each other. I know that leaving the label would not mean them losing ties. But it’s just sad to realize that they wouldn’t have that much time with each other like before. Next thing we know, we might see BIGBANG withdrawing.

And since they left, they wouldn’t be able to do music and stages together again. And for someone who has followed YG for a long time now, it feels depressing to realize that YG Family concerts wouldn’t be the same anymore. I always dreamed to be able to witness a YG Family concert with the OG’s still present: Perry, 1TYM, Gummy, Se7en, Lexy, Jinusean and Masta Wu. It was just so much fun to watch videos of them from before. But if they’re all leaving, I would only have to hope now.

Lastly, for a YG Stan like me who has loved them for so long, it feels sad to see new fans not even knowing who Masta Wu is. Of course, everyone is now much more familiar with Bigbang, WINNER, iKon and 2ne1. They’re the ones who are much more popular and with a bigger fanbase. But let us not forget that even before YG earned all of the money to be able to spend on these groups, the original roster were the ones who worked their asses off. They were the ones who understand fully what YG has gone through to reach this feat they are already enjoying.

Other than being the pioneers of YG Entertainment, Masta Wu (and most of everyone from his generation) were one of the first Korean artists who spearheaded the hiphop genre in the country, even making it more accessible to the mainstream audience. The reason why YG is respected even in the KHOP world is because even though doing music mainstream, they remain to be independent towards their music and they still mingle with KHOP crowd. Masta Wu is one of those people. He did mainstream releases and yet continue to work along with underground artists. He’s close with Illionaire and the members of 360 Sounds, even becoming good friends with the Cohort.

Somehow, in the back of my mind, I think that my loyalty with YG will waver because of Masta Wu leaving. Why? Because I am sure to be supporting him with his new label. I want to wish that he would house some of his friends from 360 Sounds. That would be so cool.

Keep your heads up for Masta Wu’s future endeavors.


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