Reaction to AOMG Partners With CJ E&M

Early yesterday, news about CJ E&M “acquiring” the label AOMG went around the internet sparking a lot of reactions from netizens.

According to one of the online KPOP webzines, ALLKPOP, AOMG would continue to independently create their own music, but CJ E&M will be responsible for distribution, marketing and other global channels to help promote the artists. Because of various sites and translations, the issue of “acquisition” became a source of various comments.

For me, if it is an issue of “acquisition”, I know I would totally flip. Artists boast so much of wanting to be independent. Fans do their best to continue to support them even with only a small amount promotion. I have seen some artists commenting about this venture, some had good words to give out, others were worried. The “independence” and separation from mainstream is what a lot would fight for. Of course, AOMG is kinda mainstream thanks to the popularity their CEO’s have already had even before the formation of the label. But that would mean being subject to regulations. To fans who have been supporting them ever since, being regulated is never nice.

AOMGBut since this is really only a partnership focused on promotion, I have no problem with it. Let’s all be real. With their resources alone, AOMG would not be able to reach out to people as much as they would want to. They go out and do shows, release songs and albums. But their current status cannot permit them to do more than what they can offer. To think that they have amazing artists and yet are only able to release 1-2 albums a year. They cannot do shows outside Korea unless a promoter invites them. Their upcoming concert is also one more evidence that they really need help. If it is what AOMG is promoting, this is possibly the first big concert from a hiphop label in Korea. But see how they had to promote their own event by themselves? They share the poster almost everyday. In their V Live broadcast on December 28th, Simon D mentioned that if this concert would not be successful, it might probably be their last. Luckily, they had all tickets sold out. Let us all be real. AOMG can survive the scene with just themselves. But with the demand of their fans, and the fact that a lot more overseas people are starting to follow them, the label needs help in getting their name out more. CJ E&M will really help them with that.

But Jay Park was quick to clear out things as he posted on his SNS his side.


With this venture, we’re all hoping for so much more from AOMG. I’m excited to see if their Korea concert tour would one day become a world tour! *fingers-crossed*


2 thoughts on “Reaction to AOMG Partners With CJ E&M

  1. This was a well done article. The writer did their research, instead of just going with the false reporting of all the other online sites. Thank you for writing the truth. I too hope that this partnership will allow #JayPark, #SimonDominic and the #AOMGcrew artists to all become truly #WorldWide. Hopefully 2016 is the year that #AOMG is put on the GLOBAL map!


    1. Thanks for appreciating the article. And yes! We also hope that they become worldwide. They deserve it. Thanks for the support!


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