Zion.T, Crush Awarded at MAMA 2015

Artists ftom Amoeba Culture and VVD crew, Zion.T and Crush, nab awards at the MNET Asian Music Awards held last night in Hongkong.



Zion.T arrived with Crush at the venue and later on performed some of his hits. He won the “Best Vocal Performance” for the male category. While his unit with Crush won the Best Collaboration Unit of the year beating Block B’s Bastarz and Infinite H.

BIGBANG also nabbed 4 awards. CL performed her single “Hello Bitches” for the first time and afterwrds performing with 2ne1, which is now considered their comeback stage after being on hiatus for almost a year. PSY also performed his twi new singles “Daddy” and “Napal Baji” from his recently released lbum for the firt time.

Other KHOP artists performed including Truedy, Yezi (Fiestar), Lil Boi, Basick, San E and Jessi. I’ll try to post videos when they’re already up. For now, enjoy this video of Zion.T and Crush.!

Check out @KoreanWaveINA’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/KoreanWaveINA/status/671983023571599361?s=09


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