Just Music Starts Lucy Series

Early yesterday, Just Music released the first episode to its video series “Lucy” which will revolve in the life of Swings. The first episode was an interview with Cjamm and Swings. They talked about what the rappers felt after CJamm’s recent release “Illusion” stirred an issue in the underground scene, particularly after a number of rappers have thrown beef at each other, namely with Simba Zawadi and Hi Lite Records.

In the video, CJamm explains that when he released the song, he was hoping to relay a message to both rappers and listeners to keep the game “real”. He did not expect a controversy to arise because of him and his song. Swings gave advice to his junior saying it’s better not be disappointed with the public’s reaction and rather, do better in the future.

Watch the whole video below!


Listen to CJamm’s recent single here:


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