TKL Notice

I am so sorry for not being able to update the blog this past week. I am just so busy.

I have things to do with this clan I’m in. The KHH PH fanbase is also wanting me to do something. I had to meet some people over the week. I am also going through an emotional roller coaster and it’s no fun. I have tons of work at the office which luckily is already coming to an end.

Hopefully, by next week, I’ll be back and rolling. I have tons of drafts already piled up on my email. All I have to do is move them here.

Thank you still for everyone who keeps on supporting my blog and the KHOP scene. I wanna give a shoutout to DJ IT, 2LSON’s Jason, Gemini and Freshboyz’ Ceejay for noticing me on Instagram! Those guys are so cool. \m/ I also want to give a big shoutout to the readers of my Gray fanfic who have reached out and talked to me. I appreciate everything guys! Thank you!

See you soon everyone! One love!


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