The KHOP Loyalist Turns A Year Old



There have been a lot of things that happened to me and with this blog throughout 365 days.

I have been more open in spazzing about the KHOP scene. Back then, I was rather silent with it because there is really a small number of KHOP fans that are vocal about the support. But I guess, with me starting this blog, I just felt more confident. Who cares what kind of music I like. I like it and that’s that. No one can tell me what to like and listen to.

There were moments when some of the artists I follow notice me on SNS, like those who’ve shared a good conversation with me while chatting. There are some that reply and click “favorite” on Twitter. Some even have already followed me on Instagram. I feel so happy and pleasured whenever moments like those happen.

I’ve already had a number or interviews with some artists and learned more about them. That step was something I was always scared of. I was trained as a writer before but interviews always made me lose my breath and choke up. I know I was only able to talk to them through chat but I still feel nervous. And yet, I got over that. I learned and will still work hard to improve myself. I know I haven’t posted some other interviews I made and I apologize. Please look forward to them still.

I never really thought this blog of mine will last this long. Within the year, there were times that I wanted to give up. I was too busy and I was unable to grab information at once. I guess, the reason I really kept moving forward was because I really have this burning fervor to support the scene and help my fellow fans b e more informed. My family is also one of the reasons I strive for this. I told them I wanted to become a dedicated blogger and although I was scared of them questioning my decision, I received much of their love and support. My mom would even ask me who I’ve talked to already. My brothers would also be informing me if at a point I wasn’t able to check for updates. They know I love how to express myself through words and writing and I thank them for their support.

As for other words of gratitude, I wanted to do more specific messages to certain people.

First off, I wanted to thank all the artists I have been able to talk to and interviewed. Psyoban, Evo, Young Lion, Layboy, Han Seungjae, DJ IT, Toy, MC Meta, JSlow, Debi, and so much more. I know I owe an interview to Leo Cho but thank you so much for the chance. Big shoutout to Jinwoo who helped me translate some of my interviews. Hope you’re doing fine with college. I also wanted to thank those two people (a DJ and a producer) who I have treated as a friend. I’d rather not tell everyone who they are but thank you for the two of you.

Big thanks will always be given to Meryl for giving me such an awesome logo. I will say it again when I mentioned that she is one of the best artists I have seen in my line of friends. Stay awesome!

Of course, big thanks to my KHiphop Philippines family! I would have never known there were certain people in the Philippines that share the same passion I have when it comes to KHOP. Thank you to Gwyn and Lorren for making me part of the growing family, and also for your support! To Rimyong, Christiane and Khaireyah for wanting me to handle certain fanbases with them.

Big thanks to my bestfriend, Aya. Even though she isn’t a big KHOP fan, she has always been there to listen to me when I spazz. She is also so open-minded with the things I like that even she has started to like Keith Ape’s songs. That’s how much I love her, bring her to the dark side. lol

I want to thank Kyo of GDYB Philippines for helping me get the albums I want. It’s a real struggle to get copies of KHOP albums so I owe her bigtime for helping me and other fans out!

I also want to thank the people that have stepped up to talk to me and become my friends. Noorie, Rija, Ana and everyone else! Thank you girls for supporting me and reading my blog and fanfic. I haven’t seen you but one day we all wil! More love to all of us.

To my friend Gina, I owe you a lot. We may be the only 2 independent bloggers about KHOP doing it now and I’m glad it’s the two of us. Thank you for being a friend, for the support, for everything. Hope you see BFree and Okasian at their show in London soon! Tell me all about it!

To my friend Raizo, thanks man! Loads of thanks to you. I hope you’re working well for your next release. Keep my suggestions in mind. I wish for your success soon and I’ll be there to support you!

To all my readers, thank you so much. I’m doing this for you guys so it always makes me smile when I see people reading my entries. I know everything isn’t perfect and some pages may still be lacking information but I will do my best. I just wish for your support. Thank you so much!

To all the people who have at one point stumbled across my blog and shared it to other people, thank you so much! I appreciate you guys spreading the word!

To my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram friends, thank you also! I may not have had too much time to talk to all of you, but I appreciate the follow. Especially to those who have followed me after discovering this blog. You guys are awesome!

Lastly, for GOD.

Thank YOU so much for giving me this talent in writing, this dedication towards my craft, the patience you give me throughout everyday. I thank HIM so much for everything that happened in my life after creating The KHOP Loyalist. It was never easy and HIS guidance is what I appreciate so much. Other people would never understand why I treat this job so seriously. So thank YOU for the support I get from my friends and family. I will do my best to become a better blogger and hopefully, in time, become a bigger site that would cater to more people and show more of my support to the KHOP scene.

I don’t know what else to say but THANK YOU.! I hope we get to celebrate more anniversaries together. I also hope that you continue to support me, the blog and the KHOP scene. More power.



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