Jay Park is back with another album that’s sure going to hit countries across the world.

“WORLDWIDE” is Jay Park’s second album released under his own label, AOMG. It is gathering a lot of attention as 27 artists are seen featured on the tracks. Aside from popular Korean Hiphop names including Tablo, Gaeko, Paloalto, Simon D, Yankie and BFree, there are also off-shore based rappers like Honey Cocaine and Yultron adding to the list that makes this album fit to be named “WORLDWIDE”.

Personally, this album has taken most of my interest for having a handful of Buckwilds members featured. There’s Duplex G, Lil Boi and Giriboy. Having Wegun and Uglyduck in AOMG was certainly a plus for the agency. A number of fairly new rappers worked with him especially for “Cha Cha Cypher” and “Fuckboy” which includes Sik-K and Seo Chulgoo (who were both in Show Me The Money 4).


A number of songs have been pre-released and already performed during some of their shows even before the album’s release. “ON IT” and “Sex Trip” were first released during April and May of this year. “MY” which features Lil Boi was first introduced through Show Me The Money 4 during its producers’ concert. “In This Bitch” was a song Jay performed at a radio show while he was in LA. And of course, the most recent revalation is “You Know” which features Okasian. Check out the music video below!

Personally, I love the beat. Anything from ChaCha Malone does prove to be hit-worthy. I was only disappointed (I guess) with Jay’s flow. I know he was singing. But there wasn’t much dynamics that I can also consider it rapping or speaking. I wasn’t expecting this style for a song to be given an MV. That, or I was just used to more lively songs from Jay Park. However, Okasian’s parts were amazing. He totally saved the track for me!

As for the MV, I think I’m the only one, but I was totally spooked with the red lights and background going on in this MV. Jay Park’s hair during its shoot was also red! I did love Okasian’s outfit here though. He looked clean and I liked it. And did people get a glimpse of Reddy right there just chillin’ with his cards? He looked cool. Don Mills was there, too, as a…bouncer? I’m not pretty sure. But another thing I wasn’t so sure about was that meat shop thing. Why are you guys there? Does the smell of raw meat attract you?! Jay Park and Okasian would have been since they had tons of shots in that area. I just didn’t get it. And Hyuna. Okay. I was waiting for that dance break but it never happened. But I’m sure, just her being there took a lot of men’s attention.

The album “WORLDWIDE” is now available for download through iTunes. Make sure you show your support!

Posted by TKL Cessa. Take out with full credits. Thank you.


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