Piece Of Cake Enters The Scene

On the 26th of October, the crew “Piece Of Cake” has dropped their first mixtape, “1 1/2 Bootleg” which is made up 21 songs, mixed and mastered by member, 187. Some of the songs similarly start in a slow pace and then progresses into faster beats. There are a number of tracks that are jazz hiphop like “Sticky Summer” and “Work Fit”. You can listen to their music on their Soundcloud and be able to download the mixtape here.

Piece Of Cake is a relatively new crew. The members are 187, King Bart, Demigod of 90’s, RASTA, Choko D, Kid K, Jokey, Mustang KoKo, LKun, J Ella, Luff Nix and K.G. Recently, Mustang Koko was a featuring artist in Triump’s single “Something Good” which was released this month.
Prior to this release, the crew has also released a mixtape on the 9th of October titled “The Oven” which was also made up of 21 tracks available for download here. On the same day, the MV for “BUCK” dropped.

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