SOTW: ₩ & Only

After 4 years of doing not much but collaborations, Simon D came back this year with his own mini-album “₩ & Only” and its title track of the same title.

This may actually be a lot of people’s favorite song from the tracklist. Personally, it also is my favorite. In the first week from its release,I remember putting this on repeat. Until now, when I scroll through my playlist and see this, it just has to be played. Music and lyrics together is amazing just like that.

You can never deny how good this song is being produced by Gray himself. The slow rapping Simon D does gives you these loving feels but at the same time showcased how good he is at story-telling, a skill he is loved and hailed for. When it was announced that this song would feature Jay Park, I honestly had doubts on how it would be received by the public. However, I was so happy when Jay Park only had the hook to sing to. Other than the hook, the whole song was Simon D’s and I loved it that way.

The music video was also nice. The song talked about why Simon D chooses to hustle, why he doesn’t want his girl to understand that he’s a busy working man, why she should choose to stay with him, to be her one and only. And it was nice to see different characters in the MV who have their own work and telling why they do it. It’s not just for the money. It’s for love. Love of family (as portrayed by Tablo), love for one’s own talent (as seen through Han Seungjae’s scene), love for one’s own dream and future.


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