TheLoyalist: Gray / AOMG Fanfic

Last month, out of some great imagination and a dose of LSS (Last Song Syndrome) with Bigbang’s “Let’s Not Fall In Love”, I decided to create a fanfic story about Gray.


My bestfriend’s favorite from AOMG happens to be Gray. Mine is Loco and Simon D and Jay Park and DJ Wegun and Chacha and… Okay. I love all of them. But Gray is the handsome guy a lot of girls like so it was easy to use him as a main character.

And now, I wanted to share the fanfic to you guys because I, myself, am so happy while writing it. AOMG will be the main characters but I’ve put in other rappers in it as a cameo like Vismajor, VVD, Illionaire, Cohort, Rockbottom, and possibly more.

It isn’t done yet. But the whole story is already done in my head and there are a few chapters missing from the draft. The title is a bit awkward though. But please, go check it out and support it. There aren’t a lot of KHOP fanfics so I wanted to be one to add to the number. I hope you enjoy reading!

Link to my fanfic: I Can’t Stay But Please, Love Me

Posted by TKL Cessa. Take out with full credits. Thank you.


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