Unpretty Rapstar 2 Ending Soon

Unpretty Rapstar is soon coming to an end as its preview last night suggested that the girls will be fighting for the last track on the compilation album. Before we say goodbye, let’s recap how this season has gone since it started.

So we’ve got the first line up:
Yubin, Hyorin, Yezi, KittiB, Gilme, Kasper, Trudy, Sua, AshB, Ahn Soomin and Heize.


It was amazing to see a good mix of underground, idol and relatively unknown rappers in the show. Their first challenge, the one-take cypher gave the viewers a fair look at each rapper’s skills. On that cypher, I personally liked Trudy’s raps. As for the visual aspect, I liked Heize. And I know a lot of viewers have already loved her face, aura and character. Even the way she seldom speaks is amazing! Okay. I’ll stop now. Hands up to all those Goddess Heize fans. lol

The second and third track were songs produced by Verbal Jint. Was I the only one who went crazy when Jessi and Cheetah stepped in and became their judges. Those two currently represent female rappers and they are no joke. It definitely stuck when Jessi told KittiB to “focus on your rap”. But wasn’t it amazing to see how Heize literally fangirled over Jessi? I mean, all of those girls fangirled over Jessi and Cheetah (I know I would, too). It was a relief that Heize won Track#2. But yes, it did feel like a betrayal when Verbal Jint chose Heize as a contender rather than KittiB who got Jessi’s and the audience’s 2nd highest vote. As for Cheetah’s team, it was pretty obvious that Trudy would win the track.

The show continued with a 1:1 battle between the rappers which would lead to permanent elimination from the competition. As much as I wanted Ahn Soomin to stay, she was voted out. Personally, I thought she was good. Well, not that good as the others, but fairly good enough thinking that she has less experience than most of them. But still, I was happy AshB got out. Now she… Was really not good. “jerosebuhsebuhtree”

The fourth and fifth track judges were certainly surprising. AOMG. And just like what my friend from KHiphopRealTalk said about this episode, there were literally tons of hearts and rainbows all over my screen when they appeared. AOMG is a growing name in the Korean music industry as we speak and it can’t be helped (and the fact that their roster has some dang good-looking boys. lol). With this episode, I know a lot were happy to see Yezi finally winning a track. I mean, can anyone forget this video? The crazy dog unleashed!

Jiyoon was added to the lineup and I know a lot of people were disappointed in her. I don’t know about her fans but even if I weren’t a hiphop fan, I would not hesitate to say that she obviously sucked at it. Even at the performance mission, she was so not good. I felt bad for KittiB for being paired with her. Honestly.

The sixth and seventh track was from Illionaire’s DoK2 and The Quiett. And I should agree that these tracks were the first songs in the show that actually sound hiphop. I love how they made the rappers do disses against each other. Yezi just ate up Sua.

But that mission held the fate of one of them. Permanent elimination to the one who didn’t impress Illionaire. And it happened to Gilme. I don’t know. Maybe they were both disappointed in her since they expected her to be more professional than those kids around her. I couldn’t blame them. But you’re still amazing Gilme. Can anyone ever forget this scene when it was announced their unnie would no longer be part of the show? I feel you Yubin.


When Trudy and Yezi had to go against each other on the last battle for the DoK2 track, everyone was excited. I was. Two of the most strongest competitors in the show against each other. But Trudy won though. She deserved it because she totally fits with the song.

Before the next mission, there were two more rappers added to the line up. EXY, a trainee at Starship, and Kim of Rubber Soul. I liked EXY. Kim, not much. But Rubber Soul has appealed to me ever since they got into that Gentleman’s Concert this year. They must have got something for a member of theirs to be here. But what really pissed me though is the fact that they added 2 more rappers… After they eliminated people. What’s the point of elimination if you keep adding people? You eliminate to cut down the choices but there you are adding another one. I really do not know what is in MNET PD minds nowadays. They’re crazy. If they continue adding more rappers, I am betting a third season will never happen again. They’re getting most of the female rappers that I know are good. And there are only a few in the game! I won’t hope for UR3 people. Na-uh.


The eighth track will be from YDG. His first mission for the girls was a battle between Unpretty Rapstars and 11 rappers from Show Me The Money. That announcement alone made me hang onto my seat. And it was a majestic moment when I saw Kanto with other SMTM contestants. The rappers were to perform a song of theirs on a show and the audience will vote who they liked. The lowest voted Unpretty Rapstar would have to leave the game permanently. Unluckily, it was Kim. Below is the full list of rappers voted from the highest:

1 Microdot
2 BeWhy
3 Yezi
4 Trudy
5 Bray
6 Hyorin
7 Heize
8 Newchamp
9 Exy
10 Pee Bee
11 Kanto
12 Jiyoon
13 Kasper
14 Yubin
15 Tapi
16 Jung Sangsoo
19 KittiB
22 Kim

(NOTE: MNET no longer disclosed the rest of the lineup in the episode except telling what places KittiB and Kim dropped at.)

Since Microdot won from SMTM, he automatically will be the featured artist on the track. Yezi won from Unpretty Rapstar so she got to choose the rappers she want on her team, and she chose the strong ones. Team 1 (Yezi, Yubin, Hyorin, KittiB), Team 2 (Trudy, Sua, Heize), Team 3 (Jiyoon, Kasper, Exy). Since this happened in the latest episode, I wanted to talk about it more.

YDG gave them three songs of his to rap to for their performance mission. But for them to be able to choose the song they like first, he wanted each team to have a representative to freestyle. So it was Trudy vs. Hyorin vs. Kasper. I personally loved Kasper. She is a freestyler and she showed them exactly where she’s good at. Even YDG loved it and he made Kasper’s team win.

At their stage performance, Jiyoon showed that she was improving. She really was! EXY, despite being added to the lineup at a later date, showed that she was also very capable… of getting the crowd’s attention since she shook her booty like awesome! Haha! Okay. But yeah. EXY has good flow and lyrics. I just hope she gets to show more of it. In the end, Yezi’s team won and they had to rap to a beat of their choice to YDG. At this stage, Yezi messed up with her lyrics. Yubin’s rap appeared boring. Hyorin did well and KittiB was amazing. She didn’t move around so much like the other three. She didn’t even fix her gaze at YDG. But she had that aura saying, “Bitch, you better listen to me”. It was a hard decision for YDG to name a winner but all of a sudden, he chooses KittiB. She almost didn’t believe it but she definitely deserved it.

For the next episode’s preview, the girls will be in for a mission for the final track, meaning the season is almost coming to its end. It’s worth the wait since in the preview, the girls will be divided by pairs and judged by different rappers including Vasco and Basick (I just died. T-T Jiggy Fellaz). And if the rumors are true, MNET is planning to bring back another rapper into the line up. It’s exciting. But if it’s already the last track, why add one more girl?

Stay tuned for the next episode. The team that was originally subbing the show has announced that they won’t continue with it anymore so I suggest that you guys stream it even though you wouldn’t understand anything. You can also follow me on Twitter if you want live updates about the episode.

Posted by TKL Cessa. Take out with full credits. Thank you.


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