Producer Special: AOMG Hitmakers


AOMG has only been in the scene since 2013 and is now considered as one of the hottest acts. They only have a few people in their roster made up of rappers (Loco, Simon D, Uglyduck), DJs (Wegun, Pumkin), singers (Jay Park, Elo), dancers (AOM), artist (Hep) and producers (Gray, Chacha). We are all aware of the people who perform on stage but were we ever familiar of the people who work behind the scenes and are the ones responsible for bringing us some of the best songs this year? Let’s see who they are.



grayThe man who creates hits. Gray is a producer, rapper and vocal, and may probably be one of the hottest men in the Korean Hiphop scene, signed under AOMG and member of VV:D crew. He was one of the founding members of the label. He founded his career by making music for various artists. He already has a growing list of songs named under his production talent and it’s still increasing, including those songs released through his first EP, “Call Me Gray”.

I have mixed emotions when it comes to songs that Gray produced. I like music that are lively, songs that don’t choose a day for me to listen to. I love mellow, soft songs, too. I grew up listening to a lot of jazz, blues and classics so I have grown to love them, too. But those are songs that somehow, you can’t listen to all the time. Gray produces songs from the slowest tempo to the fastest and most dance-able. His songs that sound like Mommae (Jay Park) and A-Yo (Lydia Paek) are some of my favorites. But the ones he made like You’re Not A Lady (Jerry.K) and Unpretty Dreams (Jessi) appeal to me less. I’m sorry. But quality wise, there is no song Gray produced that is not amazing. We just all have our own preferences when it comes to music.

But one thing that I like about Gray’s songs are the fact that they were given to the right people. It’s as if he created these songs having someone in mind to sing it. I cannot imagine someone else rapping along to Hot Summer and make it as awesome as BFree had.

Here are some of his other works:

Won & Only – Simon D
Shower Later – Gary
Metronome – Jay Park ft. Simon D
Without You – Infinite H
Take Care – Loco ft. Narae
Victorious 2 – Swings ft. Gray
Two Melodies – Zion.T ft. Crush
Click Me – Zion.T ft. DoK2




Another one of the hit maker. Chacha is an American citizen who’s real good friends with Jay Park. They worked together in America and produced most of Jay’s English singles. When Jay went back to Korea, he brought Chacha with him and has since been part of AOMG. Personally, I like Chacha’s produced music more. Even his mellow RnB songs appeal to me most. His latest masterpiece, “SOLO”, has been stuck in my head ever since it was released.

Other than producing for AOMG, Chacha has already produced a number of tracks for other KPOP artists including the legendary boy group, Shinhwa, DoK2, B1a4, Red Velvet and Mackenzie Thoms. Talk about getting places. And what surprised me was that despite being a good producer and bboy, Chacha is actually an arts major! All around, baby.

Here are some of his other works:

My Last – Jay Park ft. Loco, Gray
SOLO – Jay Park ft. Hoody
Alright – Shinhwa
Good Bye Bye – Nuest


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