Boy Who Cried Wolf

san e

Artist: San E
Release Date: April 23, 2015

1. #LuvUHater
2. She’s (feat. Jung In)
3. On Top of Your Head (feat. MC GREE)
4. Using You (feat. Joe Rhee)
5. I Deserve It (feat. Jessi, illinit, i11evn)
6. Feeling Good Now (feat. Yang Dong Geun, Don Mills)
7. Me You (feat. Baek Ye Rin Of 15&)
8. $$o Dope (feat. Vasco, C Jamm)
9. I Wanted to Succeed


I honestly am not a big fan of San E. I just really like him because he has so far released good songs. But somehow, I guess I was only drawn to him because he’s featured most of my other favorite artists in his songs: Verbal Jint, Sanchez, Bumkey. That or because I just have to give him some credit for being a member of Brand New Music.

I had high hopes for this album of his when the news dropped. Then he released the tracklist. I was hanging onto my seat because I saw names like Illinit, i11evn, Joe Rhee, Vasco, CJamm, YDG and Jung In. Those people are no joke so I expected much. But then I was disappointed.

Most people would’ve liked “LuvUHater”. “On Top Of Your Head” received much attention for it being a diss to BFree. I personally liked this song especially if you remove those weird noises San E does with his voice. Those moments when he would change the tone and pitch of his voice… I hated it. And he did that a lot on this album. But honestly, if he didn’t do those almost shriek-like noises, he would’ve sounded flat all throughout the song and other tracks. Truthfully speaking, MC GREE saved this track.

“Me You” was released and I loved it. This is certainly the highlight of the album. Good music, good lyrics, good vocals from Yerin and that flow San E used that’s pretty safe but amazing. With “LuvUHater” and “On Top Of Your Head”, I thought the album would be a truckload of shit San E wanted to throw at both his haters and fans. But then, this song dropped. Okay. So I guess, it wasn’t. I thought that maybe there would be better songs in the album after releasing “Me You” MV. But honestly, there was really nothing else that stuck to me.

I read other reviews about this album and I guess it just wasn’t me who literally “hated” the whole album. If you put everything together, the lyrics, music, message, nothing was concrete. It was like a box of toys where everything was there but you got so sick of everything. And other than rapping, San E tried his hand in singing in “Using You”. I wanted to like this song because of Joe Rhee. I love his songs and his voice is damn fine! But no. I just wasn’t impressed with it. This song should’ve been given to Joe Rhee alone. You lost me San E. You lost me big time. And Joe Rhee, San E used you. But I got your back.

I guess San E tried his hand in trap music with this album. Everyone’s doing trap. Why not jump into the bandwagon? But man, he tried too hard, I hated it. And that is coming from someone who likes trap. “$$o Dope” is a trap track with Vasco and CJamm. And even though I know Vasco and CJamm can live up to that style, San E didn’t. Why is everything crumbling down when San E is present?! Why?! “I Deserve It” sounded trap, too. And even though i11evn and Illinit were featured, I still hated it. Well, a little bit. Okay. I LIKED IT! But only because of the fact that i11evn was featured. San E cannot live up to trap and I’m serious that he should stop trying too much. Illinit had the best parts between the three rappers though. But i11evn, he just caught me. Him laughing in the track was really fun for me. I know this isn’t his best rap. But the style he used was already introduced to his fans through “SIWI” so it wasn’t really new. But you just gotta love it. I mean, man! He laughed! This is just between you and me, but whenever I play this song, I skip it to i11evn’s parts. Yes. I’m biased. I love you i11evn. I got you.

Some artists say that when they release their albums, they pick out their best songs or the ones that tell a certain story about the artist’s life. If that’s so, I want to ask San E what happened. Are those the best that you had throughout your preparation period?! If those are it, I can only imagine how horrible his other songs might be. What story are you actually trying to tell us?! It’s crazy. I usually don’t say that a song is terrible. I mean, if you only listen to this songs not thinking it was part of an album, I think it would be fine. I personally listen to “Feeling Good” when I’m reading a book. But it is in an album and everything just didn’t blend in with each other. You’ve got a hater-directed song (LuvUHater) to a diss (On Top Of Your Head) to a love song (Me You) to trap music ($$o Dope) to an EDM based track (Feeling Good) to a heartbreak-themed RnB track (She’s). Like… What the hell is happening San E?!

Finally, I do not understand why this album was titled “Boy Who Cried Wolf”. What? Does no one believe you? Well, let me tell you something San E. It’s not that no one believes you. No one just really gives a fuck about you anymore, and that’s totally different. I hope this album is just a victim of those deadline dilemmas, when you’re pressured by your boss and just give what you think is your best without really thinking about the whole process and concept thoroughly. I know hiphop artists are given free control on their music. But if you really wanted to appeal to people, you could’ve at least worked in making the songs compliment each other. If San E tried to show his different colors or styles, in one album, the songs’ messages should’ve at least supported each other. But no. Everything was just… Crazy (*cough* just like the artist. *cough*)

Last piece of advice. Don’t do this again, San E. Please.


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