I Want You To Meet The KOXX

Before having HYUKOH BAND, in the scene, there was an indie rock band back in 2009 that received so much attention from the public. They are The KOXX.



They were just a group of friends from the same college who had so much passion with music. They were once asked to perform together at a friend’s party and ever since have decided to make music together. They were received warmly by people both in Korea and Japan. In 2012, they received an award from Gaon Chart KPOP Awards.

However, on the same year, the band became inactive and announced their 3 year hiatus because its members had to finish their mandatory military service. However, throughout their hiatus, the members continued to do where they’re good at.

The members have embarked in solo activities which includes Sunbin being part of the band Life&Time. Sooryun has done various production work with other artists. Shaun has then ventured out into DJ-ing and music production. He’s been a finalist at the 2015 World DJ Festival and became a contestant at the DJ survival show, HEADLINER. Did you see him at Innovator’s stage performance of “More Than A TV Star” during Show Me The Money 4?

The other members have also helped in producing some of the known KPOP songs you know including 4Minute’s “Dream Chaser”. And if you know Jaejoong’s “MINE” and is familiar to HOMME’s songs, Shaun produced their music. Shaun and Sooryun have also helped in concert music production for BoA and EXO. They have also done work with Epik High and other KHOP artists.

Now that all members are back, they are now preparing to release a full album this year before their first major concert after their hiatus dated on the 20th of December!



Please give The KOXX a lot of support!

Lee Hyonsung (vocals, guitar)
= IG : @realhyunsong

Shaun (keyboard, synthesizer, DJ)
= IG: @djshaunofficial

Park Sunbin (Bass)
= IG: @thesunbins

Shin Saron (drums)
= IG: @koxxsaron

Lee Sooryun (guitar)
= IG: @mengduk

Official The KOXX SNS
Instagram: @thekoxx

Facebook Page: The KOXX

Twitter: @THEKOXX

Posted by TKL Cessa. Take out with full credits. Thank you.


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